Awning cleaning questions


How do I clean an awning? What chemicals do I use? It’s a storefront awning in a downtown area. If I use a hose with water, do I need a permit or water reclaim system of some kind?


Hey. Is it cloth or metal?




I do a couple awnings twice a year, I just use my 20" mop with my Squeegee Cleaner soap and extension pole. I scrub it down and than either hose a high pressure nozzle on my hose or a pressure washer with a wide stream to hose it down. Than I clean the windows obviously since that is my main focus. I tried Winsol awning cleaner stuff but I seen no difference so I just use my normal stuff.


Do you ever have to worry about water drainage regulations doing awnings for storefronts? That’s my biggest hang-up at the moment since this awning is on a downtown storefront area.


The ones I do are on Main St, so that is pretty much downtown as well. I have no problems with it, but I do my awning cleanings at 4:30am so I don’t have anyone to deal with.


Hope this helps.


There are a few videos on YouTube for those that want to learn to clean awnings.

Protecting the material is as important as cleaning them.