Awkward Unger Cranked Angle Adaptor


Hi everyone,

Newbie window cleaner here. I have recently purchased an Unger Cranked Angle Adaptor but seem to be having trouble with it. I’m not sure if the product sent to me is faulty or if it is designed this way. The problem I’m perceiving is that the 4 holes for the pole tip are not centre-aligned, so when I attach my handle it’s almost at a 45-degree angle - making it awkward to straight pull. I’ve attached some images to describe what I mean.

Can someone enlighten me on this?


In this picture the hole looks centered, so I’d say you got a bad one.


Yea I’m suspecting so too, have contacted the shop and they’re saying the holes are off center in their stock and for me to twist it to align it. All parts are permanently fixed though so there is no twisting. I’ll update as to what happens…


I have the exact same problem with mine… It comes in handy for certain uses, but a ledger is the best option for most situations.

Let me know what happens


So they just told me to twist it harder. As you can imagine this would wear out the plastic under the pressed aluminium. I did it anyway, using a screwdriver placed through the end holes for leverage (as shown in the image).

This has fixed the angle but loosening the joint between the plastic and the aluminium means it twists around when applying pressure. Not ideal, so I’ve placed a screw to keep it in place.


Well at least now we know what not to buy.


Hey brother, you need adapters man? See my post on equipment give aways. I can hook you up brother.




Dang right brother! Amen man


Yah that has been an issue for the years. Yours is a bit extreme but they have been off center for years. I said something about it about 19 years ago and it was never addressed. I guess Unger just doesn’t care about it. Doesn’t make sense to me.


Unger seems to be terrible with fixing problems… Ettore on the other has been pretty good when addressing any issues