Automobile-less Window Cleaning


Does the bin on the cargo bike contain a water tank?


Thanks for your patience in my responding!

The bin does not act as a tank actually. Ben puts everything he needs for a typical day of storefront in it. This includes a jug or two of water as a supply for the day.


Got it. Thanks. As you know …not all buildings have a water outlet so this was interesting. Carrying water around can be a challenge. 25 litres/5 gallons of pure water does not go far. Back to bucket/hand sprayer and squeegee…


No parking within 3 city blocks of my job because of intense snow removal operations. People literally fighting for spots! Had to brave the cold (-10 F w/o wind chill) but was rewarded with getting home faster and a nice workout!


Montréal, tu me maque.


This a great thread of posts!


Back to the Unger alu pole? How high was the job?

Well done whatever :-). An alu pole at freezing temps. Such dedication!



Fleet parking…


So sweet!

Ben needs a bike like yours…lol. But Ben’s bike is sweet also!


I nominate you guys for the Green Construction Services Award :slight_smile:


Interesting trend over the last 2 years in my business accounting when comparing work vehicle expenses and personal health expenses. Not sure if they are related but… in 2016 I used our truck for almost all our work. In 2017 we only used the vehicle less than a dozen times officially for work.

2016 to 2017 work vehicle expenses decreased by 66% while my personal health expenses also saw a similar decrease at about 60%. Biking has been amazing!

Mind you, we are in a very tight urban environment and this wouldn’t work for some. It would, however, add a lot of benefit and value to your business! I personally biked over 4,000 kms (2,500 miles) for work in 2017 and it’s dramatically increased the value of my work and quality of my life.

Not including the savings on parking tickets!!!..


Love it


great idea. i would die in our desert lol plus we’re mix of rural. most stops today are 15-20miles from home


Ya, that’s the thing. It wouldn’t work in all service areas.


That’s great Joshua!

Quality of life is so important.


Do you atill use the water heater that was on Youtube? We are cleaning in the snow yesterday here in England until the backpack started rattling with ice.


It’s actually been a couple of years since we’ve been needed it. We try to schedule around the freezing temperatures.

Also, if there’s a indoor garage on the building we’ve started try something new in order to keep our hoses and brass pencil jets from freezing up while they’re way up there in the cold wind. We bring extra hose and run as much as possible of it coiled up in the warmth of the garage. It’s enough to warm up the water so that you can still wfp a few degrees below the freezing point.


sounds frustrating


I believe you have a hot water wfp system, if so, whats the min purpose?

To keep from freezing or better clean.


I agree. And every time I catch myself feeling that way I hike the price for the next service.