Automobile-less Window Cleaning


Does the bin on the cargo bike contain a water tank?


Thanks for your patience in my responding!

The bin does not act as a tank actually. Ben puts everything he needs for a typical day of storefront in it. This includes a jug or two of water as a supply for the day.


Got it. Thanks. As you know …not all buildings have a water outlet so this was interesting. Carrying water around can be a challenge. 25 litres/5 gallons of pure water does not go far. Back to bucket/hand sprayer and squeegee…


No parking within 3 city blocks of my job because of intense snow removal operations. People literally fighting for spots! Had to brave the cold (-10 F w/o wind chill) but was rewarded with getting home faster and a nice workout!


Montréal, tu me maque.


This a great thread of posts!


Back to the Unger alu pole? How high was the job?

Well done whatever :-). An alu pole at freezing temps. Such dedication!



Fleet parking…


So sweet!

Ben needs a bike like yours…lol. But Ben’s bike is sweet also!


I nominate you guys for the Green Construction Services Award :slight_smile: