Automobile-less Window Cleaning




Not all hard work…


Very nice, great view of the city!


Oh, the possibilities…


That’s awesome guys!!! Really cool.


Joshua it’s great video, I’m looking forward to your and Ben’s @Lavage_de_vitres_Uni future videos!

Oh yeah I’m subscribed to your guys channel! :wink:


Just passed 1,000 city riding miles since mid March. Can’t believe how much fun I’ve had. Best year of work ever. The expenses and time that I’ve saved for not using my truck is tremendous. It’s completely changed my business.


That great to hear Joshua!

That’s a great setup!


Thanks Steve!


Here is a cool concept for a major window cleaning setup.


That’s kinda cool.


Thanks for the link, Garry! Hydrogen fuel cell. Incredible. We’ve spoken ideas with them and companies who have used them in Europe. Gotten a quote and they are expensive! I think there’s only one in North America so far. Will wait for more.

It’d be hard to justify and risky with zero after purchase mechanical, electrical support.

Beautiful machines though!


I would imagine someone could bring bring the price down or design a comparable set up with solar/battery power?


nothing like an az summer day cooking eggs on a sidewalk


They sell a dumbed down more basic “ebike” version with a little 250 watt motor and a Li-ion battery but, if my memory serves me right, it was $10k including delivery. With the way things are going in our overly congested gridlocked cities, it’s only a matter of time when we see more of these and more local makers of pedal powered e-cargo vehicles… UPS just launched a etrike delivery service at a branch in Toronto. Other companies soon to follow…


That’s interesting to here.

Doesn’t it feel good to be ahead of a movement!


I like the concept and wish I was in a city where this was feasible or beneficial. I would be terrified to use a bike here. For one everything is so spread out here and the roads aren’t bike friendly at all. I would he afraid to get run over. If all I did was route works or even commercial I would ride a motorcycle scooter. For residential it’s not possible. Too much equipment to haul.

It would be awesome to add exercise to the daily work routine though.


Window cleaning is such a stripped down, simple occupation. It’s great to see Josh Adriance takes the whole thing to its natural limits. Light, portable equipment and self propelled transport too.


Check this out for cycle routes in Assen:-

No problems there for mobile window cleaners



Absolutely brilliant Ben and Josh. What capacity is the tank?