Automobile-less Window Cleaning


We have quite a lot of people here who do business by bike!..


I’m working on a deal with them I’ll know tomorrow!

Looks like you started a trend up there Joshua!



… Let’s ride.


I like the chrome bits. Nice bike!


Just not possible where I’m at.


How close are your jobs together?

How many miles a day when you bike?


I’ve gone as far as 30 km (18/19 miles) to jobs, each way. Keep in mind, our services areas are filled with traffic congestion. @Lavage_de_vitres_Uni …Ben’s storefront jobs are within 6-8 km from home base.

Keep in mind this concept would be hard to justify if you are in the burbs or countryside. Doable for sure but less realistic. However, I read a few years ago that in our city the average vehicle speed is only 17 km/h (10mph). This includes lights, stops, traffic, and circulating to search for parking. With my little mini bike and trailer I average 20-25 km/h. We even have bike paths that completely circumvent the traffic and lights of most of downtown.

If you live in a busy city or service one and you’re looking for a way to:

  1. get healthier
  2. save boat loads of cash
  3. stand out
  4. relieve stress
  5. save time
  6. simplify your operations
  7. optimize your profits
  8. etc…

…then on 2 wheels is the way to go.


Wow if I wanted to ride a bike, I would just… No, no I wouldn’t. And then bust butt in the Arizona heat… Ugh. Glad it works for you sir.


That is a sweet set up! Do you have photos of the building process or a blueprint?


Zzz… :roll_eyes:
you guys are almost as bad as motorcycles.
“pick and choose” which laws to break/follow.

All the while “ooh, be careful of me… Im on a bike.”
"Now watch out, as I ‘bob and weave’ thru traffic, while you wait. :roll_eyes:

Get the fuck out of my way…


Sorry it’s been so long since questions were posted to me. Haven’t been on here in a long time.

About my bike setup, it’ll hold 441lbs. That’s including the rider. I’m 200lbs. I’ve ridden it with about 150lbs on it and its really manageable. For sure hills are not fun but I love the exercise. The internal hub has a great ratio of gears and I have never had the need to get off the bike. I can be at my furthest job in less than 20 minutes.

There’s so much I love about the bike, just as Josh mentioned. People go nuts when they see this bike. They’ll lean out their Jaguar window in traffic and yell, “What is that, give me a card!” Unlike a trike this bike can be ridden very fast even with heavy weight. It take some energy to get moving but it rolls forever you hardly pedal once you’re up to cruising speed. Not only that but you can really lean in the corners without much need for speed reduction. Do that on a trike and you’ll flip it.

I have also lost 15lbs since starting work on this bike. I have no stress about traffic or where I’ll park (right in front of the store). I don’t worry about buses or delivery trucks running into my van which has happened a number of times. My clients all love it as they like the look of the bike in front of their store, its eye-catching and people stare at it, this brings more business into their storefront. Cycling is huge and respected in Quebec and I have had zero negative comments.

I always ride with flashing lights and a helmet. And my pole is within arms reach in case a taxi wants to give me grief.


It’s good to see you posting brother!


Thanks Steve! Yeah, its been a game changer definitely. I love the simplicity and how its completely reduced stress as Joshua mentioned. You don’t think about any of the car related issues, a real win-win. More money worked going straight into your pocket. No worries about rust, dents, potholes, maintenance (bike maintenance is pennies), not finding parking, tickets, insurance (although I do pay $8/month for insurance just for total peace of mind, since it is heavy and I park it in a shared backyard), car payments, detours or construction streets that are closed, as I can just walk it down a sidewalk, and I do. I put a few coffee shops as my first morning clients so I can get a coffee and walk the bike to the next job.

The bike is 50lbs empty, but it rolls like a Buick and feels surprisingly quick with high psi in the tires. In the future I think I may electrify it and copy Joshua’s trailer idea. The bike alone will fit storefront (with a different box that holds my 2 kids for joyrides) and a trailer will hold wfp equipment. I can already fit 16 gallons of pure water, pump box, squeegee equipment, wfp, brush, and hose on it no problem. This box is the first iteration. The next will be quite larger with divided compartments for water and tools, with weight divided equally on both sides of the bike.


That’s great to hear Ben!


Someone offered $500 more then I was willing to part with.


56 km round trip = 12¢ of electricity


Nice! Is that longest round trip you’ve done pulling the trailer?


Pulling the fully loaded box? Yes. It was a sizable building so I needed everything. This was a 2 day job for me. The first day I drove my truck and it took 50 minutes to get there. The next day I rode my mini bike and it took 1 hr 15 minutes.

I’ve gone 70-80 km round trip with equipment on just a flatbed. It’s less weight and has zero wind resistance so thus much easier to pull.

… Keeps me young!

Still in the market for a sweet trike?



Maybe spring…

  • fall marketing
  • winter saving