Automobile-less Window Cleaning




I had a chance to ride one of those bikes once. It was a bit weird at first having the front wheel so far up. But I imagine that like anything, with practice, it would become natural.


I bet it would take some time to adjust to the steering.


I laughed because with all that cargo room it still has a rack over the back fender.


Ha ha, can’t have enough cargo options!


Just maybe a little to much weight! :wink:


Who designed that cargo bike Samuel?


I wonder when it comes to putting cargo up front or in the rear which would be easier to move up hill or down hill, I wonder which one maneuver easier through traffic?


One advantage of having a “front loader” cargo bike is that you can know exactly where your “hips” are when zooming through traffic. That’s super important because it’s directly related to your speed and efficiency. I think having a load up front makes traffic much easier.



Thanks for your reply. I was really curious :slight_smile:

Je devrais attendre à Ben pour répondre … lol


That’s a mother in law seat.


That looks way over kill for store fronts. If all I did was store fronts all day everything I need would fit In my bucket besides my pole.


I would draw attention if you logo it right! JMO :wink:


How would you get to your route and then from storefront to storefront?


No idea. It was from Denmark though, I believe. A customer had it out when I went to work at his house and he let me take it for a spin. I think he said it cost him about $4k, but I could be mistaken.


Sorry it wasn’t clear. I meant with the bike. If I was doing store front on a bike all I would need, beside my pole, would fit in the bucket. No need for a cargo bike unless I was doing residential and then I would need either a ladder or a wfp.

That said, I would probably just use the small Unger DI filter which would fit on the back of the bike on a small rack. The poles would attach to the main cross bar on the bike. No trailer or cargo bike.

Really if all I did was store front I would use a motor scooter that I could park on the side walk. If I wanted to use pedal power I would use a fold up push scooter that I could easily take onto public transportation (bus/train). My city is so spread out that a bike wouldn’t work well at all. Not to mention the streets aren’t bike friendly at all.


The adult trike is where it’s at


I like how you said “adult” trike, lol

“Man its not made by Procter & Gamble!”


Hey @Pure_Water_Window_Cl and @Samuel, look what I came across today!


Sweet, Steve! Is this your new cruiser?