Automobile-less Window Cleaning


The dimensions of the box are 21" wide, 48" long, 48" high. It’s surprisingly stable as a result of the weight of the stainless steel frame, axel, and heavy duty Schwable wheels.

It does, however, have some wind drag. A gusting head wind or cross wind affects the “feel” and momentum but not the stability. I might chop 6 inches off of the bottom to lower it a bit. We’ll see.

I’m in the process of coming up with version 2.0 designs and material sourcing. I would like a shelving unit as well as the ability to put entire lengths of wfp inside of the actual box. Stay tuned.


The harder the better. You gotta work for your success! Keeps me focused and on my toes.


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Shown here is a 3 stage ro system, brushes, bucket of traditional equipment, yard sign, pole balancer pack, a box of multiple spares and attachments for everything, lunch, bag of bike tools and tubes, and of course a spare trailer tire :grin:

We thought 1 single diagonal cross beam would suffice to support the weight and “wobble” effect of the wfp pole tube on the curb side of the roof.

The reason for the width of the design is so as to stay close to the handle bar width to easily determine my “hips” when passing vehicles in multiple lanes of traffic.

I would like to use this version of the trailer for local work and have a longer version with shelving for further areas.


Best parking during a bulk supply run…




Nice electric bike! What kinda cost was attached to it? :wink:

I bet that makes the ride a little more enjoyable.

How many miles per charge and at what speed can you travel pulling your setup?


I’m interested in hearing about the 2.0 version, how’s those plans coming along?


Hey Steve!

Ya, it’s a lot more plush of a ride than my road bike! It ran me back $1,750 CAD but will save me that much in gas, repairs, parking fees, and tickets before the end of June. Not to mention the time savings that will be reinvested back into life!

I can get about 20 miles per charge without the load of the trailer. With the trailer it comes down to about 15 miles per charge. It’s 10.4 ah at 48 volts so pretty much full throttle without peddling at 20 mph for an hour straight until it’s dead. I’m in the market for a secondary battery with about twice the capacity which I’ll store in the trailer. Also, looking into a different controller to lift the top speed governor.

I can keep a steady 18 miles per hour (30 km/h) with the trailer in tow. That might seem slow to all you road runners out there but consider that in my service area of downtown Montreal the speed limit is exactly 18 mph (30 km/h) so, I’m literally passing everyone especially at intersections because I always get to go up to the front of the queue (snobby biker privilege, I know). With a 500 nominal watt motor (850 peak watts) I can get up to top speed in about 5 seconds with the trailer so no time wasted!

Here’s a video Ben shot of me cruising up 2 blocks of the steepest hill in downtown and a bonus video of me just blowin’ donuts to celebrate Winter’s end.


I’m still in the thinking/designing/dreaming phase. I am still altering and perfecting 1.0 and will see where that gets me now that we’re going into season 2 with it. Plus, with the pulling options of a new bike my ideas of what I need will most likely change. I’ll keep you posted!


To help with the battery can you set up a solar trickle charge kit?

Edit: They work well for marine use like here.
solar, west marine


Very interesting thread. When my son starts moonlighting for the company he will be on his bike. He will be at Fairbanks, Alaska from early April until late October. The grade is relatively level in that area. He will schedule the WFP and carpet cleaning work for the times when I will be there

Our initial concept is to outfit him with a pack for equipment to strap on the bike, strap the bucket to the bike and haul a 16’5" Moerman pole (5’ collapsed). . His equipment will be: Liquidator w/ Moerman channels, Moerman BOAB, swivel Ettore washer, scrim, microfiber cloths for frames, steel wool, screen removal tools, cobweb brush, Leatherman, scrub pads, a bottle of soap, an empty spray bottle for interiors, an extra bag for dirty microfiber cloths, and maybe a small/lightweight stepladder.

Any recommendations for the equipment list greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Cool video Joshua @Pure_Water_Window_Cl

Tell Ben it good to hear his voice for the first time!


Hey Garry,

You could for sure set up a trickle charger from a solar panel. I’ve run the numbers though and from what I, with my limited understanding, concluded was that for my range needs it wouldn’t be worth the extra setup, weight, and expense to get a few short miles extra at the end of the day. I’m totally open to continuing to figure it out though!


That sounds like a cool idea! As long as the range of the service area is within reason, a bike is perfect. There’s Bullitt or Triobike setups with a box in the front. I’ve ridden them and they are super fast even with 100 pounds of weight in front. Of, course a cheap little bike trailer is possible too!


Storefronts streamlined to the max…

Street cleaning = No parking for 2 blocks in all directions and ticket agents just waiting there to bust you. Not today.

Cargo bike fleet parking only.


I like the fleet parking! :wink:

Now that’s a slick looking bike setup and design!!

Joshua how’s it perform on hills? Bike weight? How much can weight can you carry comfortably?


It’s Ben’s new sweet ride. Super fast and fun to ride! Designed and made in Copenhagen. Internally gear, hydraulic brakes. I’m excited to find out how much gas, expense, and time he saves this year compared to years only using vans and trucks.


That’s great, have Ben send me updates how he likes it! :wink:

If you can send me a link to the designing company here or PM me.


Will do!

These guys make them…

These guys sell them for N. Amerca…

They set up shop 5 minutes from here and that proved too much of a temptation!



Thanks for the links.