Auto Ins. Cost?


Hey All,

What do you pay for commercial auto and what are your limits? I’m looking to insure for 1 million because the properties I’m trying to do work for require that amount, but the quotes I’m getting are around $2,000 annually. I only have one vehicle, it’s just me as a solo operator, and my vehicle’s old if that makes a difference. Those are bare bones quotes too. Any thoughts on how to get a lower cost premium or is this just standard? Thanks in advance for the info!


I have progressive commercial insurance for auto coverage. About $1,200 annually.


That good! What are your limits?


I pay $814/year through MMG.

Comprehensive commercial coverage on a 2013 Scion xB (bank holds the title)

I’m married, 30, clean driving record.

Oh, and that also includes coverage for a small utility trailer, which is only $38/yr.

Pretty sure it’s $1mil coverage.


$1,326.00 Annual Cost Annually
Two Vans ( One 2011 has full coverage, older E150 Liability Only ).
1 Million in coverage.
Western Reserve Insurance through a local independent agent.


@Alex_Lacey, @WDW, and traskrider! That is the info I need! I thought it was too high!


$300,000 for liability and injury

$20,000 Uninsured motorist property

$15,000 Personal injury protection




We insure two pickups, two vans, one box truck (19,500 GVW), and two trailers for a little over $4000 per year. Trucks are full coverage, trailers are not. Our Limits our $2 million. It is bundled with our other business insurance policies.


Thanks for the info! I think I was way over quoted. I will shop around. Oddly enough I couldn’t find a single thread when I searched on commercial auto insurance cost, though I found a good number on business insurance for gen liability. I hope this thread will help others as much as it has helped me!