Attending IWCA convention?


Hi guys/gals,

It has been about six years since I was last to an IWCA convention, Reno. This years convention has a nice variety of classes and looks to potentially well attended. Are any of you guys going?

The networking value of these events has also been helpful. Anyone bordering the NJ, PA, DE, market area going I would be interested in touching base at the IWCA. We do a large amount of work in the tri-state area and sometimes look to other window cleaning, power washing, janitorial outfits outside of our service area for sub contracting commercial work.


As much as I really really really want to go and meet all of you and so many others and learn ever so much.

I’m still not at a place in my business where I can afford such an expense. And unless I’m going over water , I don’t like to fly if I’m not the pilot. I don’t trust other people, and it’ll be my like, first time on commercial air liner, I die… lmao… can’t get over it I tried, some how I convinced myself of this…

There was new west coast meeting conwvention thing I saw couple weeks ago but that happened in Jan either already or a few days from now…

I can’t wait I’m hoping to go to the IWCA 2019 or 2020 at the latest. Can you come to Portland, or Lol


Tons of window cleaners are going here this ( winter ) year -


Still too far away from me… I’m still wanting one in Oregon or Washington state

But thank you for the offer.


It looks like a good convention, with a slightly different emphasis of janitorial work. I hope that turns out to be advantageous. I’m sure there will be some great networking opportunities.