At what point did you decide you needed an employee?


I have had a really good year this year with no explanation why, but I took advantage of the extra money and put it back into the business with responsibid/jobber/nicejob, and then that really upped my game and brought in even more work. I’m a one man show obvi, and I have been booked out roughly 10-14 days for the past few months easily, and I still am right now even this late in the year, which I wasn’t last year or the year before.

I don’t do commercial at the moment, residential only. I only had like two jobs this year to where I couldn’t meet someone’s needs due to being already booked, and on top of that it was a realtor who needed them cleaned like 2 days from when she called cause the house was going to market, so she wasn’t a standard homeowner. Should I stay booked out 2ish weeks and just keep it by myself and reap the benefits or should I consider someone and train them and just be booked out 4-5 days? I mean I don’t want to have an employee just to have one, I want him to be able to bring me in more money so I can be in two places at once eventually (him at a job by himself, and me at another job by myself). I have had a couple of jobs this year that were two day jobs, which the customers have been fine with because I explain it well as to why it would be two days, but I also take into consideration that with an employee I could have finished that job in one day and scheduled a new job on the second day. With all my reviews and word of mouth being great, I don’t see why this trend wouldn’t continue into next year with me also offering house softwashes and pressure washing as well, both of which have been good services to add on this year, I am just not pushing them as much as I could be because I wanted to get really good at them first.

So…to hire, or not to hire?


Are your jobs profitable?

Would an employee with less experience be able to complete the jobs with a profit.

Have you checked into payroll taxes, work comp and other expenses for having an employee?

Employees bring another level of needs, problems and quality control methods.

Just because your doing more work doesn’t always mean your making more money.


good point.

What do you consider profitable? I mean I would say my average job is $350/400, but I also have a lot of $500-600 jobs as well that come along fairy often.

I was only thinking about an employee on a productivity level, not an expenses, “what would they cost me” level.


how long do those jobs take? i did a $395 job by myself this week in about 5 hours, that’s $79 per hour, right now our new employee is doing about $15-20 an hour thus it would have taken him about 20 hours to do that job, i hope to get him up to $50 an hour in the next few months thus that job would take him 8 hours. right now he’s about breaking even between what he costs us and what he makes, that good because now all his training costs us is attention and he’ll pick up speed as he goes along.


When you start adding employees it changes your self employment into a " business".

Some may take that the wrong way but when adding an employee you are now managing and likely still cleaning like before. There is actually alot that goes into that.

It sounds as you are not computing numbers and simply saying by adding an employee I’ll make twice at much money.

It takes some time for a person with no experience to get into the profitable stage. Maybe look for someone with experience for 1st hire.


Before you hire anyone, get with the accountant or learn your own payroll such as Patriot Software. Put together an employee manual with everything in it from sexual harassment, social media, to prohibiting headphones while working etc…Create a non-compete that gets signed first. Employees can be a asset or liability, but always an expense.

It can be a big jump, but like anything else…go in with eyes open


Sounds like you need a ‘helper’, someone that can eventually learn window cleaning but for now just does the menial stuff that slows you down like sills, getting stuff from the truck, takes storms out etc. $12/hr should do it, bump it up as they get into the swing of things.


I knew I needed an employee when I was personally cleaning windows 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and realized this wasn’t sustainable forever.