April Squeegeelution logo Contest


This is the Squeegeelution logo:

We are holding a contest this month take the Squeegeelution logo and make a new design with it… The winner of the best design, picked by me will get a $250 WCR store Credit gift certificate… And we will make your design into a t-shirt… We will print 100 super limited edition shirts, send you 10 and we will keep the pother 90 for giveaways…

So get creative and help us design the next Squeegeelution / WCR t-shirt. The winner will most likely come up with something cool and original and somehow also cram the WCR name or log into it.

Entries can be posted into this thread or emailed directly to me: chris@windowcleaner.com We will pick a winner towards the end of the month… And will have the shirts printed right away.

You dont have to be good with photoshop to enter, you can hand sketch your idea if you like. A winner will not be picked based on artistic ability, but they will be picked on the best concept.

Good Luck!

Here are 2 examples of how the Squeegeelution logo has been incorporated into a shirt:



Is there a place we can download the raw file?



Not yet Ryan… Just waiting for the artists permission.



thanks chris!


Here is the WCR logo packet - http://www.windowcleaner.com/images/wcr-logo.zip


are we limited to only one submission?


Nope submit as many as you like.


Since I haven’t been paying attention, what exactly is [COLOR=#333333]Squeegeelution?[/COLOR]


I believe its a design take-off by Chris T Wilson on the Viva La Revolucion fist.


So forgive me for being dumb but it’s just like cool t-shirt thing, not a new product or organization?


Yeah, that’s how I took it, anyway.



Its the logo for now, but we hope to use it on new products in the future… For now we are just going to be making cool tshirts, and stickers and other little stuff like that… Its a very powerful image that has a lot of potential…


Ahh, got it.



Maybe you want to take you awesome avatar and swap out that sledge hammer with the squeegee fist :slight_smile: ?

It could be a winner!


Except that then it would be your idea and you would just award the prize to yourself. Nice try [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION]



You can have it… Cmon I know you want your pic on the shirts of window cleaners across the world… :slight_smile:


Hey I could be the new face of WCR! We could do a Tshirt, a mouse pad and coffee cups with something like “Steve Knows” on them. And maybe this summer a a limited edition swimsuit calendar…


Mock it up!


Anyone come up with any neat ideas yet?