Applying soap with my wfp


I want to attach a bronze wool pad to my Unger WFP the apply soap for a pre treatment of some upper windows. I am looking for a single spray jet that I can attach to the pole and dispense the soap and rinse. I know I have seen this set up but I can’t find the single jet that sprays over the top. Any help is appreciated. Thanks


If you look through this page you’ll find the soap dispenser and an assortment of jets you could use to rig something up.

I’ve never used soap with my WFP. If there’s a stubborn spot of bird droppings or similar I will soak the spot, move on giving it time to dwell, then come back to scrub and rinse. Pure water is a powerful cleaning agent.


@Josh. Can you get this guy the over the top spray adapter?


Tucker has the dual hose.

Personally have never found a need for it. most of the purpose was for awning cleaning, house washing with the Pole


yep my tucker has it came with pole. ive never used it


Gardiner has an over the top fan jet rinse system. If you can’t find it at Racenstein, check out the Gardiner UK page.