Apply soap directly to the mop


Hey guys!

I have seen a lot of videos lately we’re the wc apply the soap directly to the mop.
I’ve always before have put it in the bucket, but I’ve started to try the other method.
Really like it! A much more stable solution and a better glide.
The only downside is that it seems to dry out easier in directly sunlight.
Thanks for helping me getting a better window cleaner!
How do you guys do?


I mix solution in the bucket but sometimes I’ll add soap to the sleeve if my mix is getting weak.


I add 3 drops of soap to my fliq pad or sleeve.

In regards to direct sun and heat just make sure your fliq pad or sleeve is wet.

Nice to see you around @JonathanB !


Gleam in bucket and occasionally add Dawn to applicator


what rubber are you using? gleam for me drags and i dont get very good glide


For me it defeats the purpose of being bucket less…
So if I were to use this method I would either have to carry an additional bottle of water or carry around a bucket.

I watched Bob on a video and he was saying it doesn’t matter if its 30C or 40C all while he is wetting up 17 windows on a 10C day in chilly UK, perhaps he should experience those temperatures with the soap only method, vs the premixed solution I tried it the soap only was too inconsistent as after 3-4 panes then the soap gets sticky unless you keep dunking it.


I use the Ettore rubber, many people don’t like gleam because of the drag, not a big deal for me. The bigger benefit it has, it stays wet longer, especially in sun/wind, great for large pane windows


I started experimenting with soap directly to the mop a couple days ago. I think I will get the hang of it soon.


I like the idea of being bucket less, but I will carry one anyway for cleaning the sleeves when needed.

I am planning on using Luke and Reanna’s technique of the pre-mixed solution in a bottle that they use in their videos. Only they use the bucket and carry the bottle for extra solution instead of going back to the bucket, where I plan to skip the bucket and just carry the bottle. Seems a waste to use the bucket for dipping when you then wring most of the excess water back out, so I want to just carry 3 bottles. One big bottle of the premix (24 ounce with the spill proof pop cap), a regular bottle of water (16 to 20 ounce), and a small (8ounce) bottle of detergent. If my mix is strong or weak then I can add water or detergent to the mixed bottle to adjust, or a little detergent straight to the mop. Yes, I am a noob so anything I do is experimenting, but I am pulling all I can from the experience of the pros for my trials. Chomping at the bit to get started. Loving this forum and all you guys making the videos. THANKS!


I started carrying a side bottle in January and now have two. Like you mentioned, I use the bucket to wring out the dirt from my mop on dirty jobs. It is a time saver when I climb a roof. It allows me to walk the whole top. I am also going to start pre-mixing in gallon jugs the solution as I spend several minutes trying to find a spicket and then it makes the solution 75% bubbles.


I’ve always put it on the mop, lasts quite a bit longer.


Mop, lasts longer, better slip, and does a better job removing grease on storefronts (if you’re using dawn)


I still use a bucket, but just plain water. I put dawn inside my mop to start, then add to the outside later if needed. I also carry a spray bottle on the back of my belt (water with just a couple of drops of dawn) mainly for tracks but also use it if I need a bit more water on the glass. On the really hot direct sunlight days, I’ll put some water in my BOB and wet the glass good, even wash in sections if necessary.


I just recently bought two liquidators with excelorator handles and I love them. But I realized that the way I had been washing windows was with WAY too little soap. I had previously been using a mix of a teaspoon each of sansco and glass gleam 3 added to a bucket of water (this is what my mentor used) and there was no suds or slip to speak of. I switched to Dawn (so much cheaper and way better, necessary even for using the moerman channels) and apply it directly to the mop, and it is definitely the way I am going to do things from now on, it works super well. Highly recommend it!