Apartment complex estimate


They want me to pressure wash the concrete stairs and walkways for 14 units. Does 350$ sound good for each unit? I’m new to pressure washing but I assumed it wouldn’t be very hard to clean concrete with a surface cleaner attachment


Does what you show represent one unit (x 14) or is it the total job?


1 of 14, I was thinking 350$ for each unit, 4900$ total, I know everyone had a different market. But is that reasonable or to high or too low?


How long will each unit take to complete?


Not sure, this is my first pressure washing job. But I figured I wouldn’t be able to mess up concrete like siding so I’m going to attempt


I have a 3000 psi 2.3 gpm ryobi and I’m going to get surface cleaner attachment and turbo nozzle. Do I need soaps etc for concrete or just water and pressure


I counted 90 stairs per unit. If 1 min per stair, 90 minutes + flat work 1.5hours(?) = 3 hours per unit minimum. Set up/Breakdown + inefficiencies of first job (not your fault, just the way it goes, even with me) = 42-50hrs.
$4900 / 50 hours = $98/hr.

Not bad for first job. You kinda want to be closer to $200 but if you’re working alone that keeps expenses down.

  1. Yes, you will need some detergent. f9 Groundskeeper is good. Zep purple (Home Depot) also works well (diluted.)

  2. Do you have an Xjet? Thats what I’d recommend for soap application instead of DSing. Quickie stiff brush and 5 gal buckets are your friend too. Orange cones too.

  3. Do you have to clean the wood too? Will you be working around tenants? Are there time constraints?

Anyways, best wishes and hit me up if you need any other assistance. :blush:


Also, where are the water outlets and how many are there?
Where are the storm drains located? Nearby? Or some distance away?

Getting one of these is also handy. WCR supplies them:



One more thing - let the soap do the work. Let it dwell for a good 15 minutes. Soap costs less than labor.