Apartment building bid help


I was asked to bid a post construction new apratment building. It has cut up windows. Some are 30 small panes and some have 15 small panes per widow. I am being sub contracted by a cleaning company doing the cleaning fr the showing of the new apartments. Any idea how to price these per window? I will have a full count on the windows tomorrow. Thanks


Run… New Construction is around 12 dollars per glass pane. It is not worth anything less. lol


@thorSG1 said it best in a post a few days ago Recommendations for CCU Solution?

give them options for blade/blade less


There isnt going to be much scraping but very dusty. The quote is just for the interior this winter with the exterior in the spring.


Joe, is this a construction clean up or are you maintaining the models?

Why would there not be any scraping? Interior for winter and exterior for spring? Leads me to understand that the CCU is already completed at that point right?

I’m confused.

Either way,
You may want to try to clean both style of windows while on site and time it.
Base your price on how long it will take.


I am currently in this exact situation. Subcontracted by a cleaning company. The cleaning company is responsible for the frames and tracks, which is great and definitely saves a lot of time, this is to cut cost for the cleaning co… The company producing the buildings denied my original bid and went with the cleaning co’s bid for the full package, to also cut cost.

So, I went ahead and placed a much lower bid than my original (considering that we will not be doing tracks and frames) to keep my relationship with the cleaning co strong & to help get my name out in the construction world.

Few things I have learned from this job:
1- Come up with a standard per-pane price and triple it. STAND YOUR GROUND. There is a lot of risk in CCU.
2- You usually do not get paid until the cleaning co does, which will not be until after the entire building is completed. Even then, may take 30 days or so after. So, make sure you have the cash flow to pay whatever employees, expenses, etc.
3- if the cleaning co does a crapy job on the tracks and frames, it makes you look bad. Sure, the foreman may know that your only responsible for the glass but what about the finish carpenters, real estate agents, painters, anyone that will see your truck, logo and could potentially refer you business.
4- 0000 steal wool! scratching one window could ruin the entire job. I have learned to just use a blade (with a lot of water and soap) to remove stickers and large chunks. 0000 Steal wool the rest.

I am making less $14 an hour on this job because I did not stand my ground with my per pane price. Not a good place to be at the end of the year. STAND YOUR GROUND ON PRICING.


@AllKine if you were under the janitorial outfit as a sub, how come you didn’t dictate payment terms?

Every time I work as a sub like that, its progress invoice or no dice. You shouldn’t have to wait to get paid til the building is done, because THEY ARE GETTING PAID TOO well before the building is complete.

If its a prevailing wage job, its STILL a progress invoice system and a good chunk does get paid after the building is completed but still, subs get paid when their work is done. If they can’t do that, they got no business bidding that kind of work anyway.


each pane is approx 19 inch by 12 inches


116 of the big ones with 30 small panes and 140 of the smaller ones.


This is construction cleanup. by no scraping I meant it doesnt appear the windows have the new window stickers on them or glue or caulking, etc. It just appears that they are real dusty from the construction. Im sure there is some scraping but no every window


Is that safety glass?
Must be a school or something huh?


Its an apartment building


Any ideas on how to price those per window?


What would you rpice these window per pane?


Here’s some simple math.
15 panes x 140 windows = 2100 panes - at a dollar ea. = $2,100
30 panes x 116 windows = 3480 panes - at a dollar ea. = $3,480
That’s $5,580 at a buck a pane./ Half price is $2,790
Fly like the wind - 20 min. ea. on 30 paners = 20 x 116= 2320 minutes or 38.6 hrs.
Fly like the wind - 10 min. ea. on 15 paners = 10 x 140 = 1400 minutes or 23.3 hrs.
60 an hr. is $3714 / Half is $1857. So what do you need to make this happen?


I don’t use that model for pricing.
I base price on how long it will take to clean.

Its the same as any other cut up I suppose. Only way to know how long it’d take is by timing yourself on one of them. Just do one window on the outside traditional method, double that time up and there you have your timing on one window. Times material and labor, insurance, workmans comp, employers tax etc. then you will have your overhead and estimated time of completion, add your profit margin and there’s your price.


I just based this effort on what others say at a dollar a pane. The photo looks like there is thick sanding dust on the sill. Guy wanted some figures, I did my best. Like the timing idea. This is how we learn. Thanks thorSG1


When you say half, do you mean one side of the window, meaning just interior? In another word, is it 50 cents interior per pane and 50 cents exterior per pane which equals $1.00 per pane?


Sir, just the inside was mentioned. For 4,580 panes on one side, that does seem high. Half is just a reference. ( Gee, I’d do it for half that.)


CCU at 50c a pane…