Anyone using Wagtail or othe type swivel squeegees 95%


So like to know if there are people here that only use Wagtail or any other swivel squeegee tool at least 95% of the time.
Just name the swivel one you use all the time.


2 Highflyers in hand 100%
flipper pole 85%
Excelerator pole 15%


excelerator , but only use swivel on a pole, not in the hand.


Excelerator, usually swivel unless it’s on smaller panes or doors, then usually fixed. In hand and on pole.


Modified Excelerator with brass channel in hand and on pole. I love to change the close out angle at a moments notice. Jodie has me considering the high flyer…


It’s great in hand, especially awkward places like behind booths or dealing with neon signs.


wagtail pole and in hand like it a lot.

rotate out with sorbo with ninja handle.

may modify moerman channel. i like wide bodies so far and lil heavier channels.

about 10 mos into owning this window cleaning gig and i keep goin back to wag and sorbo.


Will you be using Sorbo the Wagtail handle??


ive thought about it. i have a wagtail wave that i hate. and was looking too remove the swivel too attach it to my sorbo

also thought about using sorbo with moerman handle swivel. i liked the idea of changing angles easily.

nice thing is most of my accts work fine with wag. but a few times i wishes i could change angle


Maybe zero degree handle to the swivel??


I was using Excelerator 14" in the hand and on the pole (almost always in swivel mode) until I got a Wagtail High Flyer a couple months ago.
getting comfortable with the Wagtail 10" and 14" in hand. Making progress with the Wagtail 10" on pole but still need lots of practice with Wagtail 14" on the pole.


Excelerator 10” and 12” (yes a modded 14) with Fliqs for pole work. 12” Excelerator sans pad plus a modded Wag PC with 14” Liquidator channel for in hand.


What squeegee rubber are y’all using in the highflyer? I want to try it out


I use the rubber that came with it. I am interested in using Black Diamond Hard because I read that it is better for first time cleans, which I deal with frequently. I always use soft for my Moerman due to the temperatures in Alaska so I’m sure I will be making some adjustments.


the wagtail red rubber is a hard that im using. but we have really high temps. close 115 most of summer


Wagtail, Unger, black diamond, Professional


OK seems that not too many people use swivel handle all the time.
IN YOUR OPINION (what is the main problem when using any swivels on squeegees, scrubbers, water fed brushes or on any other tool???.)


Wagtail pivot control 100%, by hand or pole. Also have a modified Wagtail handle on my applicator.
Tried changing over to Moerman but found I got carpal tunnel issues on both wrists within a couple of days. Stopped and went bck to Wagtails - no pain!!


I use an 18” wagtail high flyer as my primary pole tool


We wagtail squeegees exclusively (but not the wagtail mops). Welp, once in a while I’ll break out a Sorbo for commercial. I forgot the name of the type we use, and I’m too lazy to look it up. It’s the one with the handle that goes over the top of the pivot thingy. Oh! maybe it’s called the pivot control… I just thought about that.