Anyone out there have a pressure washing or roof cleaning proposal would like to share


I can’t seem to come up with any ideas for a proposal sheet, I don’t know if he should be itemized for different things like soffits, gutter whitening, decks and railings, chimneys. not to mention driveways and walkways sidewalks and all of that stuff any and all ideas are welcome!. If anybody has the copy they be willing to give up that would be perfect! Thanks in advance


A house wash generally would include the guttters/soffits all the way to the ground and a chimney…
gutter whitening is an upsell. The railings are going to get over spray on them so if you don’t wash
Them it will be suoermspotted.




Just explained to you !

Dont Understand what your looking for ?

Just write in what your cleaning an put a price next to it


If you read my title you would know what I was looking for. I apologize I forgot I am in the land of the touch hole


I realize you are pissy because no one is jumping out there just handing you a template. Likely, there are not many that have a universal template for all of this. So no need to get upset and act childish about it.

Like most of us, YOU have to create a system that works for YOUR business.

My suggestion would be to NOT line item everything. You are giving someone the opportunity to pick apart your proposal to save a few bucks. List your price and exactly what you will be doing for the price, and any other things you see as necessary for the proposal.

Remember, YOU are the pro, and you should be bidding the work/price in everyone’s best interest. If you drop something off like railing for them to save them a few bucks, you know it’s not going to look good, and you are risking a happy client and your reputation over it.


Marky Mark
Cleaning Services
3 Funky Bunch Lane
New Hampshire 11788

Mr & Mrs Smith
10 Walhburger Street
New Hampshire

Low pressure house wash : price includes all Siding , Soffits, An gutters cleaned $400.00

Gutter Whitening

Paver Walkway ,Steps , An Stoop cleaned

Low pressure Deck Cleaning Rails included

Exterior windows cleaned. $ 200.00

                               Sub Total

Our company provides the following services :

Window Cleaning
Power Washing
Roof cleaning
Hard water stain removal
Concrete cleaning
Deck cleaning
Gutter whitening


I’m too old to be pissy. It’s cool guys I was just looking for some help and I wanted something to look professional is all. everything you guys are saying make sense and that’s what I was going to do(write down what I was going to do give them a itemized price) I was just overthinking it. you guys actually gave me a bunch of help thank you I appreciate it.thanks. Mark foote


Thank you for this I’ll give it a look-see and try it out.


Just thought I’d let you guys know the only thing I had to do today was price a pressure washing job this morning, I loaded up my gear just in case, it was a huge house on Squam Lake with five outbuildings I took one of my bills itemized it like you guys showed me in this thread. power-washed the house, and cleaned the roofs on the five outbuildings, they had about 6 in of pine needles on them and she wanted them removed. I went down to the hardware store and bought a brand new Stihl backpack blower the biggest one they make. Left there at 3 this afternoon with a check for 1700 bucks! Thanks again guys I appreciate it


Thanks Rick I’ll look into this and give it a try, have a good one


Ya… Definitely look into a CRM. It will be a tremendous help for your business. Good luck keep up the good work. Nice day !! 1700 .00. Love to hear it !!


Can I text that number for fun? :wink:




Yeah sometimes you have to create it, other times you can pay someone to make something… And some people just have competitors bid something so they can figure out what they’re up against and possibly steal stuff ( I personally don’t do the last one, but to each their own.)

@AKMlarry I use Responsibid for window cleaning proposals. They might have something kinda premade for soft washing type stuff. IDK I haven’t ventured down that road.

It seems like bullet points of everything down works well, just not line itemizing it. Then they have something digestible and bullet points seem to force the person writing to shorten what they were going to say, so it’d helpful in sales because of peoples short attention spans.

Oh, ai just read you don’t have a CRM? Repsonsibid working in conjunction with i
a crm is what I do and I think what most other guys do. Idk hope well it’d work to use responsibid by itself, but you could giver er a try!

I hope thats helpful


Yep. Just had a guy have me drive 45 minutes to quote work. I knew something was fishy with him. There is more to it but I felt played the whole time. Either way…not like I want those jobs…houses by the lake and all old windows with bugs bugs bugs .


Sorry to hear that Mike. Welcome to my world up here in New Hampshire 75% of my work is on the lake with bugs bugs bugs, I have learned to charge charge charge