Anyone on here working on a side project/business?


My side business is music/entertainment. 21 year veteran of the local rock scene, I currently play in several bands ranging from an acoustic trio, classic/alt rock cover band to a national touring tribute act. Hard work and great satisfaction!


Personal training and nutrition, this industry’s “busy/peak” times coincides with the slowdown of window cleaning in the winter months. Gotta love everyone that wants to get fit and eat healthy as a New Years resolution,.


I just got a vinyl cutter for graphics. Having a little trouble with getting the backing tape to go on smoothly, Once I do, I can’t wait to get some upsells on my route. Think I’m gonna start with my truck.


I was in the music biz for many years. I’m more or less out, but there are still perks because most of my close friends are NYC club and concert managers lol


My prospective side gig is window cleaning, I deal in death and poison as a career/job (pest control). I’m great at the labor part, it’s the accounting/business parts that I’m trying to learn before I really start, mainly because those are the reasons small businesses fail


Same here. Ive learned alot just by reading on this forum and practice practice practice.


For the first three years during winter time I would sub for other friends that had construction type businesses: HVAC, prep for tile work and grouted, roofing and painting. I also was a Lyft driver for one winter. I thought of doing some other type of work, but I made the decision to just focus on window cleaning and I glad I did. Past two seasons we have had enough window cleaning work that I didn’t need anything else. Now we’re trying to transition for my wife to be completely out of the field by middle of May. She will handle the office manager role and myself to a operation manager role. I’m hoping to be out a max of three days a week this season and 1-2 days next year.


I believe @leavingnc had a lengthy history in pest control and has successfully made the transition. Correct me if I’m wrong @leavingnc.


you are correct sir, 10.5 years in pest control. leaving it was the best decision of my working life.


Awesome! No doubt the network of industry people you meet often become life long friends and the perks are great. I’ve certainly taken hiatus here and there over the years, club scene can get to be a grind but always come back because I love the stage so much (and the money is good :wink: ). What was your instrument of choice? Bass and guitar here.


I just finished working on a side project of mine, it’s an instrumental album! I released it today on
Check it out if you like post-rock/orchestral/ambient type music!


Really enjoyed “To Never Be Alone”. Congrats on your launch!


Hey, thanks so much for listening! I really appreciate that!


Started window cleaning last summer and this year went on my own. The guy i was working for would close at least one job on the spot and i ended up doing the labor. We would go door to door. So figured hey i can do it, but man i was wrong. This season i’m having a really difficult time getting new customers let alone close and do the job on the spot. During winter times i work on a drilling rig which pays the bills


Side projects :

I am live sound engineer for this band

I have become enamored of the work of Stephen Jenkins, author
of _Die Wise A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul, so am working on a project to bring him to
town for a weekend teaching in November.