Anyone on here working on a side project/business?


Looks just like mine !!! Can I have one !?


“Progress update”


Similar to that I thought of after seeing it done at a previous employer is plant maintenance at businesses. This husband and wife team came around and watered, trimmed, and replaced plants as needed around town.


@luke3636 and @K1ttenpantz might take them off your hands.


Hell no lol got plenty


I love how board games have made a resurgence in the last severel years and how they are now better quality than ever. I was addicted to settlers of catan for several years.


Yes, Settlers was a breakthrough product that opened the door for a much greater variety of board games. I’m working on a game that is a little bit like Settlers but the players have crab fishing boats and have to haul gear in the Bering Sea before the ice pack shuts the fishery down.


i had a spell selling secondhand sports shoes [on Ebay] ,the likes of Adidas etc doing good as a sideline income i was buying them in local charity shops and shipping them worldwide. but then the supply pretty much dried up lord knows why it did, so i stopped


I’m living in my small city that has been bid to death by unlicensed pseudo-transients at $0.25 - $0.75 a side on windows. So, there are three other projects I have dove into. On top of washing windows, I do various pressure washing, detailing cars, and occasionally help a kid record his rap in my makeshift studio. I find it hard to juggle my schedule, but my main focus is digging into the residential sector for window cleaning and pressure washing. This is a big destination for the farm type retired baby boomers. What’s more, I have 8 more credits to finish my associates degree in business, and my certificate in entrepreneurship.


I agree. Board games are a great way to spend time with your kids. Unlike a lot of video games they promote interaction.


I’ve been kicking around this idea as well. I want to start something that I can do with my kids that they can eventually take over. The sole purpose is to fund their schooling and it also gives them experience running and growing a business. Learning these skills will leave them with the ability to be able to support themselves and be self reliant. I have thought about some type of food truck.

I thought about starting small with something like snow cones that would be cheap to start. You could use either a simple trailer or even a portable canopy and a few folding tables etc.

Eventually though I think you have to have something unique to separate yourself from the competition. I spoke to a lady who ones a dip and dots and she cleared $8000.00 in three days at a balloon festival! That is unique though.

I also thought about a T shirt business where you could do screen printing and also sell your own designed shirts. Still kicking things around.

Keep us post d on how things developed for you. I would love to hear about it.


Just talked to a friend of mine who started a business doing exactly that, except for residential. I had no idea there was a market for it around here and i also had no idea the money you could make doing it. She started informally and based on her experience with her own aquarium. Now she’s been in business four years already and loves it. I say go for it!


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The guy I bought it from has a Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice Cream franchise. He said he started out with a cart at his daughters soccer games, and now he has two trucks. He does private events and festivals/fairs/etc.
I was toying with the idea of just taking it and parking it somewhere to sell, but I’d rather just do private events.


Let me know how it goes.


The game I was assisting on went to Kickstarter yesterday. I am excited to see that it is so close to hitting the funding target in less than 30 hours!


The side hustle became my main gig lol



Is that turn based strategy?


No, each troop activates randomly when their card is pulled from the shuffled deck of troop cards.


I’m just trying to survive after taxes destroyed me and my wife.