Anyone on here working on a side project/business?


Anyone here working on a side project or side business?
Are you finding it hard to stay on top of both things?
This is our(wife and I) project
1965 Ford P-100
Eventually a cold brew iced coffee//iced tea/lemonade/pastries/Mobil bartending truck.


What’s under the hood? Any pics or descriptions of the interior projects would be cool. Will it have an external generator for the equipment?


Engine and tranny have been swapped from an 89’ Ford bronco.
Its bare inside, except for the two front seats.
We’ve done a couple private events. That’s where the pic is from. Made the pub style tables from pallets.
External generator yes, if we can’t hook up on site.
Original drum brakes, need to change the front right brake cylinder…it’s leaking.
Gonna rewire the whole thing, aswell as the hoses…after that…it should be good to drive around daily. Suspension after that.


If you can call this a side project…

We took in this stray a couple months ago. Didn’t know at the time she was pregnant. Kittens born earlier today :blush:


I flip houses on the side… starting to get more into rentals. Been doing it with my dad since I was old enough to hold a paint brush


If you’re at the huge convention this week you can see what my kids and I have been up to.


I took in a stray cat when I was a kid …she had a litter as well…and lived with us for 18years till she passed


That’s awesome!
Home made!
I used to have a diy press


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My side project is a game design business. I’ve been working on a WWII tabletop wargame and a commercial crab fishing game. I received my first rejection from a publisher but I realize that it takes several submissions to get published so I will keep grinding.
In June I took a break from working on my games to help another company with their science fiction/mythology tabletop wargame, as shown in the pic.

This is my FB page:


I’m constantly on the lookout for a project that I can get passionate about.


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I’m also started studying Finnish last month. So far I have mastered “Hello, coffee, determination and update.” Most of the time I just listen to Finnish music videos:


My brother LOVES board games. He listens to a podcast and does reviews for some website (occasionally). Mainly he just got tries to get me to constantly learn new games :slight_smile:


I would love to get in touch with your brother. He can contact me at arcticdragongames


I’ll pass it on.


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I couldn’t have said it better myself! Kiito$!


I’m not working on it at all but I’ve tossed the idea around to do aquarium setup and maintenance for offices, eventually having a route like window cleaning.