Anyone know what type of defect this is? (Pictures included)


I’m on a ccu, cleaning interior wall glass. They said it was old castle glass. Does anyone know what kind of scuff this is? Or how it could have possibly happened? They called me out because the PM thought the last company didn’t do good enough, and they trust my judgement. They a are 1 pane windows so not filled with gas. Thanks for the suggestions!


They’re old Castle. Nuff said.


we noticed something like that on some windows yesterday. i don’t know what it is


These are interior partitions?


Probably something that happened during manufacturing or transport.




Correct, I’ve seen it before… Just haven’t really investigated an explanation for it until now.

That’s pretty much what I told them… You should have heard the painters when I was cleaning them.
“You wouldn’t believe how much time those window installers spent cleaning those windows. EVERYDAY they were back here trying to clean those windows with the spray foam stuff.” I was like “Yep, it’s all about that secret sauce.” I guess some people just have it, and others don’t. I pity the people without the secret sauce. :wink:

If there was a company that died because of pessimism it would’ve been this one. Lesson: push through the negativity to achieve something, whatever that something is…


Or, no matter how poor that something is.