Anyone know a good logo designer?


I am interested in the services of a good logo company, this will become a wrap for my mini van. If the price is right we can do business. I did reach out to my web designer who created my soccer logo and website but I am open to different options.

Thanks @Lucky614


Nathan Sarlow with Cobalt Cow does good work. Mention my name for a potential discount.

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Thank you I’ll check him out. What state?


Find a good wrap company an they should have graphic designer. If not find a better wrap company. Make sure they just do wraps.


I just used (a website where you can order work from freelance graphic designers) last week for my logo. It only cost me $125, and I’m reasonably pleased with the end result. However, I had to be very direct in dictating to the designer how to make the logo better. In my opinion, he did a good job of doing what I asked, but exercised very little creative intuition. Also, almost all the designers on the site are from other countries, so you may have to deal with a language barrier. If you can afford the $250+ for a local graphic designer, I think it’s well worth it, but if you want to save some money, I think a site like is a good option. Here’s a couple graphic designers I know personally and can guarantee are talented and would give you great services:
Rebekah Ely -
Jenny Cross -


Awesome thank you Austin.


Tim Fields does full wrap packages, they look really good as well!


A friend of mine who works for a huge advertising agency connected me with a professional graphic designer who works with him. I spent serious money for my logo and business card design, way more than I would have ever imagined spending 5-10 years ago, but I couldn’t be more pleased.

Before you insist that you don’t need to hire a professional, think about the value of a professional-looking logo: it will represent your company for many years. Isn’t that worth more than $20 or $30? I think it’s worth way more than a couple hundred bucks. Do you really want clip art from a Google search to be a part of your logo? If you have to hold your “designer’s” hand to get a logo, why even hire them? It’s like hiring a window cleaning company: You always get what you pay for.




I agree with that statement and I need to utilize it.

I made my logo from a website. Cost pennies. I like what I have but it’s cheese looking. When the time comes, I’ll keep the same design but have it done professionally. Ill have it modernized, little details added and it needs to be more HD and less cheese. Lol

Pay the money if you can.


My logo is now in the works, my daughter drew a picture of me based on what she thinks. I send pictures out in a bit.


I don’t feel like this is a great picture but you’ll get the idea.


Ryan Kettering did ours. He owns He designed our logo and truck wrap. Our local wrap place had a graphic designer but the ideas they sent weren’t very good.

Here is what Ryan made:


Nice rig, and wrap.


Love it.


Here is my daughters picture of me!


And here is where I am at.


Cute pic from your daughter!

I’m digging the logo man. Liking the squeegee arms and charm body. Solid.



The designer is still tinkering with it. Then we need to get the colors down. Shamrock green, beard orange, hat possibly black and tool not sure yet.