Anyone here use cones & caution tape?


i havent seen anyone write about this, a little surprising, but does anyone use cones & caution tape to block off an area you are working on? especially if you are using a water fed pole or pressure washer (i know a lot of folks here do pressure washing AS WELL as window cleaning).

in a previous job whenever we did work where the job posed safety hazards for people walking by or living in the area wed always put up caution tape & cones. just curious if anyone here does this?


Yes. You can’t have too much signage


@Mulchtank is correct. In our litigious society… can never take too much precaution. It is our responsibility to look out for the public.


Why take half measures?
Cones and caution tape are not a deterrent nor do they accommodate blind people, if doing work that causes a hazard to the public you should set up an exclusion zone. Here we used to use those car yard type flags on a rope but 15 years ago it was deemed that it did not adequately deter people from simply stepping over the rope. and it was also noted that if a blind person was walking along with a cane that a rope/tape would be more of a hazard.

Here we need to use bollards and barrier mesh like this:

If you are going to do it you might as well do it correctly.


Very important step for buildings and should be part of any safety program.

We use various cones and barricades depending on type of work and location.

Cones stamped “men working above”, “caution trailing hoses”, type 1,2 and 3 barricades for street use and stantions that each have a retractable 3" material band that reaches 20’ each and connect together to barricade an area.


Wow, all of that makes a ton of sense. We are decades behind you guys, here in the States


For the advantage window cleaner a complete barricade with orange snow fence is ovetboard.

There are systems that serve the same purpose but not as time consuming or cumbersome.


Even in the US there is regulation in regards to barricading your work zones. Also with wfp technically if using a 60’ pole barricading that length of an area all around the working area.

Regulations are in place just not fully implemented or regulated.