Anyone have simple & inexpensive way to apply bleach to roof?


So, this is a question for those of you who do roof cleaning.

I have a client who wants me to remove the moss from his roof. He has a wood shake roof that is very steep, so I won’t be able to walk on it. My question has to do with how to apply the bleach solution to this roof. I hardly ever do roof cleaning, so I don’t want to invest in expensive roof cleaning equipment.

So, is there an easy and inexpensive way to apply the bleach/surfactant solution to the roof? I can get on a ladder and spray it, but I may not be able to spray it far enough. I will probably need to spray the solution 25-30 feet.

I have just attached my garden hose to Roundup and sprayed down weeds I wanted to kill. I wonder if there is a hose attachment something like that that I could put my bleach solution in, and just turn the hose on and spray. Any ideas?


Very easy, spray and forget or wet and forget. A chemical you can buy from Home Depot and hook up to a hose and it sprays a pretty far distance and will remove stains and kill all moss. Highly recommend it


Hey James how many time have you used this product, and do you have any before and after pic that your willing to share here on the forum?


I hate when people tell me this but in this instance i would say pass on it. A cedar roof is very expensive and needs to be treated differently than an asphalt roof. I say this only after going through training classes on cleaning cedar roofs. But to answer your question you might be able to get a strong enough mix with an xjet and no proportioner in it. Or a cheap fimco weed sprayer attached to an extension pole.


My brother who owns a window cleaning business in a different state uses it. I just used it for the first time last week. I added moss removal to my services. So yes I can in the future upload photos. It’s a very simple cheap way to remove stains on siding, roofs and patio and walkways. Biodegradable and safe


find some one with the right tools. Someone offering soft washing services.

Won’t enter the proper chemical for wood debate.


So how is it applied then? If you can’t walk a roof, what equipment would you use to lay it down?
Does it need to be diluted with water?

I like the idea of biodegradable. BUT several comments were it took several months to see results. Has your brother experienced that or were those people complaining likely not using it right?


Hook this to your hose and climb to the edge of the gutter and you’ll be good too get the entire roof. I used a pump sprayer and the concentrate. The reason people don’t see results immediately is probably due to the fact that they don’t follow the correct ratio for mixing. My brother is up in Portland and there’s lots of moss there, they’ve seen results


If the moss is real thick, you won’t get the ‘final’ result of a completely clear roof for weeks or sometimes even a couple months. That’s with a sodium hypochlorite/water/surfactant mix. Unless you use a dangerous amount of pressure to bull the moss off. But that’s a very, very bad idea. DISCLAIMER: I’m not the authority on all this, but I’d have a hard time believing that Spray and Forget or similar is more effective.


12v or air pump is the only efficient way I’m aware of. When it comes to shake like ceser you have to neutralize the sh after you apply it. Check… You’ll find more infonthere than here


Best thing you could do for your customer is lead him to someone who is proficient at this type of work, An has the right equipment .
Why take on something that your not proficient, &/or know nothing about.
Find a roof cleaner in your area ,an start feeding him the work you get pick his brain let him teach you after you get him a few jobs , or use him to get you work
Also get on the forums , an start reading about how , what theee guys are using for roof cleaning , as far as I know it’s either with an ,Air diaphragm pump ,or a 12 volt, could this spray an forget work I guess, but I never herd of any of these guys using it.
I’m assuming it’s for a reason. Maybe it’s to much labor or two much material cost, Becuse if it wasn’t why aren’t they using it ?


Follow this advice. I do pressure washing and roof cleaning and I promise you this isn’t something you want to risk. I’m not saying that it’s impossible, but it’s like saying a window cleaner should take on a scratch restoration job as his first foray into post construction window cleaning.

If you are going to do it, something like this will get you started:

Or shop here: