Anyone can answer but hopefully @bubble_guy can respond


I was watching a recent video of you on YouTube canvassing storefronts early in the morning. I seen that you drop cards in the crack of the door and wait for the call. Just curious to see how successful is it? How often do you do it and how many do you pass out. Is that the only way you canvass? I love your videos I watch them everyday. Thanks for posting them.


Yeah @bubbleguy how does that work for ya?


Sold one job initial 45 in/out. Monthly 25 out and door. Guy has 3 other locations, total 175 quarterly.

In the past, landed 5 from one pass in a single town, monthly accounts.

I haven’t canvassed in probably 5 years until recently because I’ve been working. Now I’m aiming for once a week drops, and as i feel it, face to face.

If it’s a downtown, maybe 50-100 less than an hour. If it’s plazas spread around maybe 50 in an hour.

No. I do like face to face. But it is more time consuming but slightly better return. Mind you, I’m not keeping records of it. Just mental note of where I’ve been.

Over a ten year sample, I’ve gotten many accounts this way. It helps if you don’t feel up to talking to people. It is best to vary your canvassing methods.

Thanks for watching and hope it helps in some way.


Hi Folks. I watched that video too. Don’t know how I got to it, but this is great info. and I thank you for it as I build from scratch here. Thanks so much.


I too am intrigued. I have bid a handful of stores witht his method since watching the video except I just wrote price on back since the back of my cards are blank.


Thanks a lot for all the info. I will definitely be heading out tomorrow morning and give it a shot.


I really want to show how i do it face to face but i would need to let them know they are on camera. Kinda awkward.:smirk:


Do it candid camera style