Anybody else on Vacation?


I worked rather hard last year so I decided to reward myself and wifey with a dream holiday. 1 month in Thailand & 1 month in Indonesia. The weather is nice and hot… so is the food :joy:

I have an employee who has now worked himself into the job of “supervisor” since he is taking care of jobs solo.


I have no smartassed remark.
No “analysis” of your post.

You are awesome. This made me smile, thank you!

Enjoy the SHIT out of every day, you spend!

That’s all I have to say!:slight_smile:


Congratulations Cory you guys deserve it and thanks for sharing the pictures!


Wow dude! Enjoy! Safe and travels.


You just made my day as well… thanks man :ok_hand:


Some days I worry a little too much about how’s the quality of work etc going on back home… so I have to remind myself that we tested it before I left and the system we set up has to be trusted.
A guy could go nuts on this long of a holiday if he didn’t let go a little.
Speaking from experience.
Anyway, the affirmations from you guys has given me a needed boost. Much appreciated…

…now someone hand me a beach towel :joy:


incidentally… I hate you, right now.


Ha! :grinning:


Hope you have a great vacation!
No, I’m not on vacation but I did start lifting again. I’m finally getting my energy back after a busy year.


Totally Amazing. I’m so glad you are getting this experience. Enjoy


I live on vacation, how can you beat this?


Full moon party…thank me later👍


As we are freezing our asses off. That Bastard :smiley:

JK @OPM Enjoy buddy. We have to spend our hard earned somewhere :+1: