Any cheap decent water pumps for a tucker rodi?


gonna try to see if a water pump will help with the issues I have been having, and I am not able to spend a crazy amount of money on it. I have never used a water pump, so it seems a bit daunting to me, can anyone recommend a good portable water pump for me? will any water pump work, or is there some sort of pump I should steer clear of?

thanks for any input


This one:-

Shurflo 8000-946-138 Pump - 100psi, 5.2lpm


You will alao need a controller eg
Varistream Auto Compensating Pump Controller


I already told you, I use a Wayne PC4 pump on mine. Google it if you are looking for the cheapest price. You can buy one in the WCR store or you can find them at Home Depot too if you are there or shopping online.


Hoosier. Do you use a pump controller for yours?i was trying to find how to private message you on here, and could not find it


No, you don’t need a pump controller for the wayne PC4.

It will boost your pressure going into your RO/DI to 80 PSI. You put the pump just before your RO/DO with a short piece of garden hose rated for 100 PSI. I use Flexzilla garden hose.


Thank you…i am about to order it right now. Judging from your name, you are also from Indiana. If so, what city?


North of Ft. Wayne


Hoosier, I’m looking at the wayne pc4s right now, should I get…
the multipurpose pump with suction strainer?
cast iron portable transfer pump pc4?
cast iron portable transfer pump?
cast iron portable transfer utility pump?

too many choices, and I know nothing about them!


Awesome. I am from Muncie, but currently living in Yorktown, right next to Muncie. If I ever get something up there that I can’t do, I’ll let you know about it. You run a big company, or a small show like myself?


I am smaller. I have two people that work with me.

The PC4 I have, was just the pump. No strainer, it’s just a utility pump.


Cool. Thanks, man!


This is the one we carry.


I assumed you were looking for 12v battery powered for portability. WCG carry these also.