Any Australians here?


Hey everyone,

I’m just starting a small window cleaning business by myself here in Melbourne, Australia. I have started advertising, but I don’t really have any idea what pricing I should be doing. If there are any of you in Melbourne, could you give me some pointers? However vague is fine, I’m just trying to get a rough idea. For reference I have got one residential job of around 20 windows, interior and exterior, and I’m doing it for $150 AUD, and the lady told me it was super low. I’m about to print a bunch of flyers, so I want to get some more accurate pricing to get the most out of them, as they’re very expensive!

Thanks so much for any responses,


Hi Liam, Welcome, I have been cleaning windows in Australia since the late 90s.
Pricing can be different for all areas, I tend to charge by the pane and would clean 20 panes for around that price, most windows where I live have between 2-7 panes in them my pricing would range from $10-$35 per window + $3 per screen to be cleaned with a screen washer.
Hope this helps, I am in Queensland.


Hi Liam

Based on NSW North Coast and we charge $15 per window, in & out, but depending on the size of the window we will increase it. We charge $3.50/screen and $5 per screen door. Don’t have a screen washer like @Steve076 does - wish I did though at times.

Crimsafe and security screens are another kettle of fish and a PITA.


Thanks for the response man, I’m thinking I’ll go for about $10 per window since I’m starting out. Charging extra for screens is a good idea too, I didn’t think of that. May I ask what method do you use to clean fly screens if not with a screen washer? Just some water and a brush/cloth?


I do not charge differently for different size windows just each pane contained within the window, each pane has its frames that needs to be wiped so panes are always how I roll a window is just too vague so many customer call me up saying "well I have this many window how much will that cost?"
I only just got the screen washer 2 months ago before that I always washed them with a hose and used a soap pre-spray, biggest part with screen cleaning is to not let them dry in the sun I always “slap” the screen dry so you don’t get those drying dusty marks.


One concern with putting “window” prices on something is that many customers have different definitions of what a 'window" is. Many of them consider a multi-pane window to be one window. A window cleaner will consider each pane, or surface, to be a separately priced item.


Generally we use a broom head and a bucket of soapy water to scrub, then hose them off. Tap excess of on the bucket and wipe dry with a microfibre.

Occasionally will just dry brush with the broom head and wipe the frame with a wet cloth.


Have been considering per pane pricing. @Steve076 do you have different pricing for different size panes, or are they all the same price.

Agree with this, which is why we don’t advertise $X for Z windows.


The only time my prices change is it was when they are french/colonial other wise it would take longer to measure the window to assign a specific charge than just do them for the same some are big some are small, use the correct size squeegee and every pane will take more or less the same time…


Any Aussie’s wanna sponsor a american? I lived in OZ for 16 months… It feels like home. I miss it so very much! Love you Aussie’s!