American Window Cleaner Articles;...Talk to Me


Some of you might know that I have started writing articles for the American Window Cleaner magazine (AWC), the Window Cleaning Magazine (WCM), and the EClean. The AWC articles are under the running theme “From the Lab to the Field”. The next article coming up for the AWC which is yet to be published is titled, “Glass Coatings, What are They, and Why Do We Care”. It will be the first of three articles on this subject of glass coatings. The reason I am telling you this is to encourage you to work with me on this. I want everyone on this forum to work with me on these articles. In the AWC, WCM, and the EClean.


YAY! That includes me! :crazy_face:

Did you mean coatings?
ATTENTION Manufacturers: Put the tint in between the panes and not on the outside, right?


Low-E coatings can be found on 1,2,3, and 4 on IG units. I do love it when they are in between. But when they are on the first or fourth surface we end up in contact with them. On single plates with only two surfaces we end up in contact with them if they are on the first or second surface. We need to know if they are there, are we in contact with them, and how to properly clean them. The first step is to understand we absolutely cannot use a razor blade on them Especially the reflective first surface pyrolytics.

And yes. I did mean coatings. Thanx for pointing out the typo! I just fixed it.



Glad I could help.
For a minute, you had me thinking that Earnest T. Bass might pop up throwing rocks.
Seriously though, I am such a noob that a typo is about the only thing I could know about this subject, :blush: