Am I missing anything - Just starting out


Hey what’s up everybody. I’ve been reading and watching videos for the past couple weeks every day and I feel like at this point its just time to get some hands on experience. Going to start on my own house, neighbors, friends & family, and store fronts. I am scared of running into a window that I don’t know how to clean though.

blue huck towels,
moerman mop sleeve,
pullex bucket with draining insert
various size ettore master brass channels,
ettore master rubber,
1 super ettore super channel for store front,
white abrasive scrubber pad (magic eraser),
0000 steel wool,
track cleaner brush,
6 or 8 ft ettore pole,
Small hack saw to cut channels if needed for small windows

any recommendations on squeegee handles or t bar handles?


What do you need the draining insert for? I had one and made it work and tossed it.

Brass channels are okay, but I like stainless because they don’t warp as easily. There are people who have used brass for years and never had a problem so I guess I’m a gorilla. For residential, get an 18, 14, and 12 and that should do 90% of the houses. Get a couple of 18’s to cut down if you have a lot of cutups. I personally don’t recommend starting with a wide body channel, but that’s just me.

Get a couple of microfiber towels. They soak up a ton of water but when they’re damp, they’ll do just as much work as the scrubby pads and I’d even put it up against steel wool.

You might want a tool belt, boab, and towel bag.

Oh, go to walmart and buy the $0.99 can openers. There’s hundreds of uses for those including pulling out screens.


Hello and welcome to the forum! I prefer 0000 bronze wool as the steel wool rusts immediately.


this one thing has saved me so many times


Thank you so much Jared. Sincerely appreciate. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the tip my friend.


I bought the following for $405.45

1 big container of dawn dish soap
2 different size chip brushes
1 pack of 0000 steel wool
1 scrub brush for window screens
1 unger pro 6 gallon bucket
1 flexible putty knife for removing screens
1 wood cone
1 ettore standard angle adapter
5 lb of surgical towels
1 ettore web/dust cleaner
1 ettore 16x16 microswipe towels (10 pack)
1 moerman 10 ft 3 section pole
1 Ettore Pro+ Super System Super Channel Handle
1 Ettore Super Channel 18 inch
1 Pulex Tubex Holster Detachable Clip
1 Ettore Stainless Steel Handle
1 Ettore Ledge-Eze Handle
1 Track Cleaner
3 Ettore Master Brass Channel with Rubber 18 in.
1 Ettore Master Brass Channel with Rubber 12 in
1 Ettore Master Brass Channel with Rubber 6 in.
1 Ettore Master Rubber 12 Pack 18 in.
1 Moerman Microfiber Sleeve 18 in & 1 Moerman Microfiber Sleeve 10 in sleeve
1 Moerman Ergonomic T-Bar 18 in
1 Moerman Ergonomic T-Bar 10in

I think that’ll get me started at least. I probably could’ve bought the luke the window cleaner basic kit for only $60 more lol. No way you can start with only $50 like a lot of the youtube videos claim.


you can, i bought the squeegee mop pack from lowes, a 5 gal bucket, some dish soap, pack of towels for like $40 and cleaned my mother in laws windows and she gave me $100, i used that to buy more gear. Wash, rinse, repeat.


One tip on poles I’ll offer… A 2 section pole seems to be stiffer to me, then a 3 section. Some times you have to buy a 3 section either for the compact size (storage) or the length of the pole doesn’t offer a 2 section. On a 10’ pole, I would have bought a 2 section.

You’ll also want a paint can key or three. These are handy little things.
Some kind of squirt bottle is nice too, to carry extra water with. It’s better than dragging a bucket with you all the time, and much safer if anyone is walking near it.
Didn’t see a razor in there either. Those small 1.5" blades will work starting out. You can get them at the local lumber mart stores.
You should get a water key too. If you are doing commercial/storefront, most of the ones I have been around require a water key to turn on the spigot.


Thank you. Can’t wait to get started. Nervous about door to door but i’ve done door to door sales. Used to sell candy as a teen ager lol.


I agree, about the 50-100 to start a business. You aren’t going to start a legit business for that. We’ve had the discussion here many times, and I’m not bringing it up again.
At this point, I have a LOT of money in my business. Many times your initial investment.


I want to start off the right way with all the tools necessary to compete a job. I don’t want to start off & do bad a bad job from the get go. That & if I come to a job & I can’t do it because I’m unprepared I don’t want people to think I’m just some joe shmoe with a squeegee.


The four way key is a water key, as mentioned above. The paint can opener is real handy for screens as mentioned. I rarely put a razor on glass, I usually get good results keeping the hard plastic cover on the scraper. The spray bottle minimizes splatter for interior and doesn’t create the tripping hazard of bringing a bucket indoors.


good stiff butter knife comes with me every where I go. best screen removing tool I have found.

whenever I invest in a new facet of my business I tend to over buy the tools and supplies I ‘might’ need then realize later after I know more I could have saved half my money. but its a good thing this biz generates cash flow fairly readily. One thing I like to have is a roll of the thick blue shop ‘paper’ towels. only a few bucks and they serve as an excellent back up in case your clean towel supply runs out. alleviate the stress of your work flow one piece at a time and this job gets smoother and smoother.

I am 11 years in and still finding little things to make my day go more smoothly. and once I geared up and gained skill with wfp there is no longer any window out of reach. and if it is, I can easily complain about the builder for being ignorant haha.


No it’s because you live on Mars and the channels warp from all of the heat. :wink: