Alternate method for cleaning large cutups


In case your arsenal of squeegees isn’t quite complete, here’s a method I’ve found to be fairly quick and not as straining as fanning every. single. pane.


I’ve also found the double pull method to more efficient if I’m on a job with a lot of different sized panes, as I can eat up a lot of time constantly switching out for the perfect sized squeegee.


I like this method. I find it is easier for me instead of having 30 different size squeegees.


Do you buff every window


Great process, although I prefer the cut to size squeegee if there are many.


I’m a fan of the straight pull (snow plow) method for Frenchies. When I worked route there was a bank that had close to 40 of these, panes we’re about 10"x 8". Just grabbed a 6" mini squeegee and went left to right.


x ∞.
This is my usual method. Many times I don’t even have to detail if I’ve gotten the perfect fit. Just wipe the excess water from the frames.


Not sure what you mean? I only detailed the edges of the glass in the video.

I do use the scrubby pad on pretty much everything that isn’t cleaned on a monthly basis, since bug poop and finger prints don’t come off as quickly using just the mop.


Yea I meant how you use the pad. Is that the same as the 3m white pads?


Tiny bit more agressive than the white ones, but still won’t scratch.

And I use it with this holder:


I wish I had seen one of those scrub pad holders sooner. That will seriously cut down on finger/hand fatigue from scrubbing!