Alright. I finally did it!


Went from selling BMW’s to starting my LLC. Excitedddddd.


Good luck out there! Hey, we all had a first day at some point. So I certainly have been in that scenario before. Basic-user hopefully will turn into member afte a few months of reading.




Good for you buddy.


Welcome and good luck. Be sure to read this forum, there is a ton of information. But practice is key, practice practice practice!


Hello and welcome to the forum!


Thanks guys. Looking forward to learning from all of you!


welcome! I was just back in NWA for Christmas.
My family is considering moving back to in 2 years; save me some work work! lol
Good luck and work hard.


Lol that’s awesome! HMU when you’re in town. You bet! Thanks for the advice.


Good luck to you! Why the change from selling cars to cleaning windows?


I’ve dreamt of starting a business for a while and issues with management and pay at the dealership gave me my way into it. I was going to door to door and had some good feed back then got stopped by the police department…apparently you have to have a permit to go door to door where I live. Going to do that today. If you zoom in the back you can see the haha.


Welcome to the Window World. Glad that good citizen turned you in, cuz’ that’s the only way PD comes to see ya. Put them on the “somebody needs to get a life” list. Get a permit, go make money. :sunglasses:


They had 2 of em on you too! Must be some cops or vip that live on that street. They don’t even do that in the ultra rich areas here in San Diego. Crazy.


That’s Bentonville for you! Every street is a Walmart VP/EVP/President. Was just pitching to an older woman about her gutters and dirty screens when they pulled up…killed the deal right there haha.


Did you give cards to the cops? Never pass up an opportunity to pass out cards!


I see that your FB page advertises 10% off thru Jan 31. Be careful not to gouge yourself.


He was gonna give it back but said he’d keep it cus he know’s some people. Told him i’d do his for free after 5 referrals. I’m trying not to! I’ve been stalking here for about 5 months without an account. I charge 5 dollars int/ext and 2 per screen cleaning and additional 1 for tracks with a complementary “light frame clean” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Like the hustle :+1:t4:


The PD is too bored in Bentonville and needs something to keep them occupied. Great area to hit though.


Find out how you can get yourself vetted to do county buildings. Once you get vetted, advertise on your cards about it.
Cops will use you in a heartbeat. They’re careful about who they have in their houses of course.

Its always good to have someone you know that wears the uniform for sure- at least I would think it is.