ALACO Sectional Ladder Repair Parts


If you have a broken connecting end on one of your Alaco ladder sections we can provide a replacement.

We reverse engineered a replacement part for Alaco ladder sections for anyone who has a a set of these great ladders with at least one section sidelined due to a broken connecting end.

Construction of connecting end is aluminum material with solid insert using screws and tapped holes instead of rivets for attachment to the ladder section.

Installation is easy: Simply drill out the existing rivets of the broken connecting end, remove it, insert the new connecting end and then use an allen wrench tighten screws into the tapped holes to secure the new connecting end.

Please contact us at or 937-224-4415 if you would like to order one or more replacement pieces. The cost is $175 for 1 piece, $300 for 2 pieces, or $500 for 4 pieces. Shipping via UPS or USPS at cost or you can pick them up if you are located in SW Ohio.


Hello. I’m confused. Is it
$175 for 1 yoke or
$175 for 1 whole ladder section?


The costs listed are for machined replacements for the connecting end
(yoke), not for complete ladder sections.


I kinda think @RoysKeen was joking. At least I thought he was.

@awebb Have you thought about making replacement parts for Metallica ladder. Evidently their insurance company will NOT insure them unless they stop selling replacement parts. So no more replacement parts or half sections because their insurance company refuses to take on the additional liability.


Dang. The end is in sight… :disappointed_relieved:


Man…I’m dying to open my huge mouth right now…


What’s on your mind? :sunglasses:


you ain’t baiting me my man lol nice try.
I almost went for it too.


Not trying to bait you. When it comes to sectionals I have an excessive appetite for the subject. See you on another post :sunglasses:


oops my bad.
Just think the price is insane for such a small piece is all.


Ya but he’s in a position where he can kinda name his price. If you don’t like the price you can just throw that section in a dumpster. LOL