Agitated callback from someone who received a flyer


Me and my wife went around putting flyers in NEWSPAPER boxes. Some of them are the kind that are built into the mailbox stand, such that the roof of the newspaper box is the bottom of the mailbox.

A guy left a message that simply stated, in an angry tone, “I’m sure you know that it is illegal to leave anything without postage on or in a mailbox. It HaS To HaVe PoStAgE.” Click.

Nothing more to say about that, just thought it was ever so mildly amusing, and thought I’d share.


Sometimes people who had a bad day have to vent to someone and you end up being that person :joy:

I once did a quote on the phone and the customer shouted with an angry tone: “do you want my kidney as well? Click.”

Best way to take it is by laughing it out loud


When we used to do door hangers, I had a lady call and threaten to sue me for defacing her property with a flier.

I told her go ahead.


Do newspapers have postage?


They have a subscription fee and a delivery charge is technically included, which is a same concept as a postage charge.


The newspaper box is private property (belonging to the company printing the newspaper). You are technically littering in a worst case scenario. The newspaper company charges for inserts, which is the advertising that you are under minding. Why would you not just go to the newspaper’s office and have your ad inserted into that paper? Then the customer paying for the paper would have no justifiable complaint. Sticking your flyer in that box without permission may be a legitimate hassle if that customer informs the newspaper of what you are doing.


Couldn’t have worded this better.


Here littering carries up to a $2500 fine. So if the judge was having a bad day, each occurrence of this offense could ad up to a staggering amount. Would be better to pay for the insert.


It’s not illegal to put flyers in newspaper boxes, but it is if you put them in mailboxes. No one enforces this though - unless you have really pissed someone off.
Your boy with the high blood pressure is just pissed off and taking it out on whoever crosses his path - that was you this time.
Move on to greener pastures.


2 people are allowed to touch my mail box. Mail man, and me. Anyone else can be shot on sight for violating my personal property and the property of the united states government. Im always in a good mood. : )


I think the mailbox restriction applies to the receptacle. The outside of the box, including the post, is not considered the receptacle. I have known people who rolled up their flyers and wedged them between the mailbox and the flag. I would never do that though, As long as you are not opening the box and going inside, you have not violated the restriction and are not delivering mail without postage,


Sounds like a jail sentence for murder to me. :-/


Nope. It’s called I have signs posted everywhere to stay off my property if you’re not legally allowed or personally invited there… hope I didn’t offend you?


Bucket bob you should look it up. The USPS has enforced the fact that also make claim to the post at which the mailbox sits on and the space in between the flag and the box. Actually just re read up that part when I saw this thread.


I don’t know your state laws, but I’d bet just because you have signs posted, you can’t just go shooting someone. As well as, mail boxes are in the right of way in the roadway. You might own the right of way, but it’s not “private” property. Of coarse, no one can tell you what to do, but consequences are very real. Murder charges are no joke, and I don’t think you look like a guy who would fair well in prison.

He’s just mad and grumpy. There is NOTHING illegal about using the newspaper boxes by the mailbox. It is ok as well if you hang a flier off the flag of the mailbox. A hole punch and a rubber band work wonders for stops without a newspaper box. :wink:



you dont look the type too fair well in prison lol


I’m sure the boys in Cell Block 4 would all enjoy the paddington movies with him tho.


glad i wasn’t drinking milk may have shot out my nose


my shepherds keep unwanted out

one pup at 10wks belgian mal. gsd is older n bigger lol


I don’t doubt that they changed it. I was going on what a guy I know did years ago. Again, I never did that, so I didn’t check into it. I was just going on what he had said.

I would advise against the mailbox, flag, and the newspaper box. It is so much easier just to do the insert or bulk mail like the other junk mail people. That way you don’t have any worries other than your money being tossed in the trash, which is the same thing that happens to the flyers if they don’t want the service.