After 3 years traditional I ordered a WFP TODAY!


Alex really is the man! He took my budget $700 give or take and got me the stuff I needed to start out as an infrequent user…at first anyway. He kept me under budget and I also got a few spare parts.
This was my order for anyone who is looking for a full setup to get started. Just as a side note, I wanted a longer pole than the fiberglass 18 foot Xero pole so I spent about $100 extra on the 22 Foot pole. He said it would be floppy but this is just my starting point. If this works out for me I’ll move on to bigger and better things!

Xero Standard 22 Foot Hybrid Water Fed Pole 22s-Xero 1 $349.00
Refurbished 3/4 Cubic Foot DI Tank Full Set Up 3/4Tank 1 $179.00
Female to Female Garden Hose Adapter 150-1535 1 $11.60
XERO Hose - Blue - 100 Foot 209-25-08 1 $59.00
HM Digital Handheld TDS Meter HMDigital 1 $24.99
XERO Straight Push Fitting 150-1687 3 $8.79
XERO Outlet Quick Connect Xero-OQC 2 $9.60
Total $641.98

If any of you have suggestions on what I should add to my kit here so that I make things even more easy on myself I am fully open to suggestions. I can’t wait to get all this in and test it out on my own windows (which of course I haven’t done in 3 years)


In the future you may want a rinse bar, I really like mine.