Advanced Techniques for Wooden Windows



millimeters?! no he’s staying centimeters or in some cases inches from the edge. for glass thats done every month maybe this is acceptable but on occassional cleans i would call it a short cut not advanced.


He’s a master with the liquidator, but we’re I live we clean most of the residentials 2 times/year. If I spare some millimetres that would show… getting smears.


I read the comments, and he said that this is only good for frequently maintained glass in reply to someone that asked about this very thing.


Whatever you do, be careful wiping the edges. Nothing worse than an inch sliver of wood in your finger.


I learned that lesson already…only about 1/8", but under a finger nail. I could say I was brave and didn’t cry, but then I’d be a damn liar.


Newer timber windows are by far easier to clean compared to old georgian or victorian windows.


You should always keep a first aid kit in the truck. I also carry wet wipes because after I’ve done a couple of shops downtown, I immediately go for my wet wipes.


Truth! A few years ago I got a sliver so large and deeply embedded, I had to visit the ER for a tetanus shot and to get it removed. I’m just grateful there were no people around to hear my reaction.

I’ll never rush detailing on rough-cut wooden frames again :cry:


Don’t be a wuss. It’s merely a flesh wound!


Couldn’t have said it better. Not to mention even on frequent clean it will be an issue over time. At some point you will have to go all the way to the frame and give it a good clean.