Accident Prevention Plan


I’ve downloaded one from L & I and saw something in there about being First Aid certified… I know this is washington state, but wondering if anyone out there is actually certified and how you went about doing it? @Chris You’re the master, so I think I’ll aim this one at you first.



Your correct L&I requires first aid and CPR certification.

Your local Hospital or health care facility should offer the class necessary it will run you about $40.

Hope this helps.


Yeah, I read that too! Not just first aid either, but really, we are supposed to know what to do when someone gets rescued even if its a self rescue.


okay thank you!


FYI, the Red Cross used to offer classes for first aid/CPR. They offered it in group settings. As in, they would come to your facility to train your people. Not a bad idea if everyone was trained, IMO.