Aaron Light




??? wtf…
lol. what was in that cigarette?? or what??


good find Karl… good find.


That was fantastic! It left me wanting more.


I want my 6:02 back… :rolleyes:


Hey, I know that feeling :smiley:


HAA! Aaron rules!


The UK equivalent…oh dear


Washington D.C. with the smallest squeegee & applicator in the business…



Ha. I’ve never seen that dude, but I used to do route work very close to 16th and K St, closer to the Verizon Center though. There was a bucket/squeegee guy I would see all the time down there that would always ask me for new rubber. I stopped doing work in downtown DC when I got my van. Too much hassle to park, and the traffic… oh boy! I now refer any downtown DC customers to Rob (sycred@prodigy.net), a WCR new member. I still do residential work in NW DC.


He pays 5$ for a rubber blade?