A quote template, and counting formula


I am in the process of giving my church a quote. There are a total off 300 windows 600 inside and out. I was a little overwhelmed to be honest I was using a scratch pad and pen to just draw diagrams and number of windows. All but three windows are at ground level. I am wondering how to categorize the doors from the pains. I also would like to know if any of you have a generic quote template or know where I can go about designing one. I want to present the quote professionally, and use this whole experience as a learning tool. This would be my first job so should I just do one price per window or itemize them all. Because this is my church I know the decision maker. This would be a great place to iron out the kinks. All thoughts and advice welcome.


Being a newbie Welcome. Here is a fast easy tip. DOWNLOAD Joist ( reason I say that is cause its free) inside the app you will have section called items. In that you can list door windows etc and price each one. next open the estimate button add in the client then add the items you will see once done you have each item listed in a professional estimate.

Once you get going and have more jobs you can upgrade to many other software companies to help you estimate and invoice.


Great thanks, for the quick response.


It’s a good app, you can now take credit cards and it syncs with QuickBooks.


So I found out that the last window cleaner did the church for around $660. This was a one time deal I believe. He did not do all the window inside the building.

As I stated above it’s all ground level easy work. Should I charge more and do all the window, or do them all plus go a little cheaper. This way I can use this as my training center for both my self and my workers when the time comes.