A Good Reminder!


We do a Buffalo Wild Wings weekly. Last week they hired a UV Film company to remove old film that was all scratched and ripped. It was about 10 degrees out the day they started .I guess all went well until they got to the third window. The manager told me they were soaking the windows with hot water to help remove the film. This one cracked the minute they applied the hot water to the glass. A good reminder to all of us who deal with glass in cold weather.




Is it wrong, that I kind of smirked a bit?!?


It is wrong, bad, inappropriate, cruel, demeaning, and only inconsiderate knuckle-draggers would behave like that. Yeah, I smirked too…


That is funny I’m sorry. What world do they live in where hot water on cold glass wouldn’t have a chance of breaking? Used to get this in the auto glass industry all the time. Eye roll every time. So sorry that happened ma’am, that’ll be $250 for a replacement. Does tomorrow morning or afternoon work better for you?


Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t glass stand a higher chance of breaking from cold water hitting hot glass VS hot water hitting cold glass?

Sorry, science question there. Not related to what happened in OP’s picture.


Its about thermodynamics, a glazier told me a few years ago that these windows in this hospital I did a CCU on that the windows that the low E coated windows that the admin were getting tinted would break due the AC on the inside and the heat on the outside as the tint was applied to glass making them darker thus making them hotter when they already had a low E coating on them meaning that it was useless to tint them.


Not at all …lol

I’m curious what it would cost to replace ?