2ND Story Pole Work Window Cleaning


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What size pole is that?


That’s a 30 ft carbon fiber water fed pole


Yea it’s our Phoenix 30


Those windows are 30’ high? Wow. Even if they only 20’…i admire your handiwork


The poles not fully extended so it’s not quite that tall but that pole is way more rigid than Unger poles we have so it makes it easier to use the excellator at that height.


Norhing like using a carbon fiber pole to make life a little bit easier on hi pole work. That was a great video. Thanks guys.


I can’t imagine doing those with a pole, sun on them, not to mention it is in the upper 80’s the last few days in KC . Nice work.


You’re from kc? Yes they are difficult to pole. The job has to be cleaned in the morning. The sun is baking those tinted windows and at that height it makes them hard to clean.