2nd Story Indoor Windows, 6" Frames


I’m putting in a bid at a Menard’s department story, and was interested in how you all would tackle the highest of these windows. Sorry the picture isnt the greatest, but the highest panes are about 15 to 18 feet from the ground, and the frames are very deep, roughly 6 inches. Is there any way to do this with a pole (I’m thinking about throwing an Excelerator onto my spare Xero 18’ carbon pole) and an angle adapter, or should I factor in the use of a ladder into my bid? Thanks for the advice!


Get a swivel ledger handle, (different size Handles available) great handles it will make quick work of the job.

They have them in store here.


Can you say,“Scissor Lift?” They may have one. 2 cents.


I did a Menards Store here in my town for about 4 years. We used Ext Ladder on the inside and poled the outside. We did these Monthly and wiped the ledges off ( including the ledge face ) every cleaning because of the accumulated dust. Pole and ledger impossible, especially given the angled odd shaped glass and frames. Ladder - Up and Down…DONE !!


We have a few of these locations but they are twice as tall. Ladder the inside, water fed Pole the outside.

The reason we ladder the inside versus poling is you need to wipe the deep side frames, a drop or 2 and dust needs to be wiped away.

We have ladders and aren’t afraid to use them.


That’s helpful! I’ve got a 24’ ladder with a standoff/stabilizer, but I’ve never used it for indoor windows. Would I just rest the standoff on the wall above the glass, or is there a better way of setting up a ladder for this job?


The standoff will just push you away from work surface and make for more ladder moves. With standoff you may reach 2 rows where without allows 3 rows per ladder move. 5 ladder moves total, then pole next row leaving walkups.

Red Ladder work
Blue Pole work
Yellow Walkups


Yeah I agree no standoff for this job. I would put a pair of rubber booties on the top of the ladder to help not slide around etc. Like was said that will get you much closer to the windows so you can prob do three rows down each move.


I have done a few of these by pole on the outside and sectional ladders on inside although a extension ladder would be fine. You will also want to bring a ledger handle


Thanks for taking time to do this!


I do a Menards and they let me use their lift. Every Menards will have one for changing light bulbs and stuff. I actually worked it into my bid. It was more expensive without the lift so it was an easy decision for them.


Jhans - Great Minds Think Alike…that’s exactly how we did ours.


Dust the inside with your WFP. Then used to pole all insides with an ledger. I would not used a ladder at all.!