2nd guessing a quote I need to give


I really don’t want to mess up what would be the biggest job I’ve ever done. I don’t want to sell myself short and be unhappy, but I also do not want to over-quote and not get the job. So I’m just calling on some experienced people in the community to let me know if what I have prepared to quote (Which I am happy with) is too high or not. Rough idea/numbers: Outside and inside, highest windows 25ft (deep ledges on inside, have to ladder up), total number of panes : 381 (395 if an extra 14 windows want cleaning), avg price per pane: 3.25. I have a document showing how I parsed it out so that you can see how I calculated it if you’re interested. I’ll be waterfed poling the outside windows. Looking for some encouragement and hoping that you all will tell me that what I have stated is something I can confidently call a fantastic deal for the Center. Thank you all for helping!


I honestly can’t really tell what your trying to do, if this is what you intend to send to the customer I would strongly advise against it as it is very confusing, If you are looking for pricing assistance pics would be far better than the grids with numbers in from the 1st figure it looks like you are asking for $400 for an entry way?
do you expect that entry way to take an experienced cleaner 4+ (or 8 for a novice) hours to complete?


@Steve076 I appologize, The paper is only for me. The owner and I are going to sit down together to discuss the prices. That first section is 104 windows in the front lobby of the place from the ground to the ceiling, 25 feet in the air. the rest of the windows are all pretty much the same, from the ground to the ceiling, 20-25 feet up. I decided I would charge 2 bucks for the bottom two rows, 3 bucks for the next two rows, and the windows that are 15-25 feet in the air above a big support beam I charged 5 bucks per pane. Hope that clears things up. Here are a couple pics of the place:



I’m guarding a late night prom pool party, so I was able to take a couple shots :slight_smile:


I prefer to keep bids simple.

I price every widow the same, if its 1st, 2nd or 3rd floor.

For the jobs I do it all averages out. For every large window there is usually a small transom, both are charged the same.

I will make better time for the 1st floor but take longer on 2nd and so on. When the forumla gets dialed in you will save alot of time and second guessing your bidding.


One photo has an entry with windows above it set far back, lokks like 15’ or so.

Is that a glass entry top?


Just wanted to be able to like this reply twice Jeff.


Most people over complicate bidding and pricing. The key is to keep everything simple it is easier on you and the client/customer and employees.


@jhans No sir, that is a solid platform that I can get up to work a ladder and then place a ladder on to reach the windows. :slight_smile:


Gosh, I’m learning so much! I’m just trying really hard to get this right, and I am definitely an overthinker by nature. So do you think for a job like this, 381 panes, 3.50 a window, 1300 dollars roughly, do you think I’m giving a fair quote? I’m pretty confident in that, I am happy with that price for the work it will take, and it would really do me great good to mail this job. You guys in here are wonderful, than you so much!


Looking at your graphic it looks 607 panes?

What is your total “window pane” count? (1 side, then double it for inside/out)

Don’t complicate it by assigning different prices, just lump together the number of “window panes” that will need to be cleaned.

Inside will be ladder work so figure that into your price. Outside, can you get on top of the roof-over at the entrance? How will you clean those if you can - and if you can’t?

It appears that you may bid this job too low @ $1,283.75. If you bumped it to $4.00 each it would be $1580.00, then consider padding the price a little for the unexpected issues that almost always rear their ugly head.

Realizing 1/3 of the way through a terrible job that it was underbid will make you want to go wait tables or join the circus.


I can’t really say if its really fair for where you are.

I would say try and simplify and start to establish a price per pane in/out. Give it time to see % and increase or decrease after given enough time to see where you are price wise in your area.

Must start somewhere, I recommend lower side first just to be able to get awarded something. Increase if award % is to high or if your not making enough with the rates once job is complete.


@Garry The inside section and outside section mostly mirror each other, I listed the inside and outside separately because I’m not doing both sides of all of them. So the 104 windows at the beginning of each section are the inside and outside of the same windows, I know it’s confusing, but that’s because it was originally meant for just my reference. :wink: Thanks for the info!

@jhans Well, the regular going price around here is usually $2 per side, but no way am I doing all the inside windows with all that ladder work (I’m going to have to move the ladder for each column of Windows, they’re too wide to reach two from one spot, and I’ll have to work my way across all 13 columns and then lower the ladder and work all the way back to reach the next two down from that, and that’s a ton of work) for $2 each, so I’m doing something new bidding this kind of work. I like what @Garry had to say, and it’s nice to overshoot just a bit so that I have room to come down a bit if I need to too get the job.

EDIT: and yes, I can get above the entrance with a ladder and either wfp or trad as needed. :slight_smile:


That is fine, but when you ask for others opinions you should try not to make it confusing so some clear assistance can be given.


Your are completely right, I’m sorry, you guys have already given a ton of insight and I’m very grateful. I did think what I had written up was clear enough and demonstrated what I was working with, thought that my diagrams and staying that they were from ground floor to 25ft up was enough info, but now I know it wasn’t. Thanks for all the help guys, I do think you’ve given me the advice I need. :slight_smile: Thank you for your honesty @Garry, I appreciate it!


Just tell them what your going to do , An give them the price for it in your proposal. There is no reason to list each price for each window/pane

When your figuring out pricing yes count the panes/windows whatever. Look at your obstacles, your ladder work is one of them in this case, then add money in for the xtra time you feel it will take for what ever obstacles ya have.

That’s why you never should give a price per in with your estimate. Plus the going rate has nothing to do with you.


I disagree, even if they are really wide they seem like 1m-1.2m wide, 2 at a a time looks doable if not 1 and a half each time, you should be able to get the top window the one below that and then the one below that from 1 ladder placement which would make the lowest of the top set maybe poleable as all those lowers would be.
As a commercial job I see maybe 7 hours if that for an experience window cleaner.
It sounds like your using a residential or storefront pricing guide.
Honestly I would price this job around $850 and be done in 5 hours.


We I did test how wide they were, I put a ladder up directly in the middle of two windows and I could only reach halfway across each one. When I put a ladder up in the middle of one window I can only reach the edges on either side, and just barely. I work there as a lifeguard, I know the place in and out. The only thing would be to put my equipment on a short pole, so I could reach two at once, and clean them that way, but not only would I lose all my dexterity, it would also be risky, time consuming, and I couldn’t get them as clean. As far as getting three windows at once (top to bottom) that may work if I can put the ladder at the correct angle from the glass, but the beam would make the window right above it impossible to pole (the beam actually covers the bottom bit of the window above it because of how thick it is), so I would have to adjust my ladder for that one no matter what, most likely. So considering that I’m quite positive that the work required is greater than you estimated, I think 1,200+ should be a fair bid. Definitely not trying to argue, I know you know far more than me, this is just my opinion. :slight_smile: Thank you for the input!


Is how I would do it if I couldn’t reach 2
Good luck with the quote


That’s a fantastic diagram, thank you, I will try out that configuration as soon as I can. :slight_smile: Believe me, I am putting major consideration into everything you guys are telling me, I know your experience means your information is some of the best, the best, there is out there, thank you for taking the time to help me out! I’ll let you guys know how it goes!


Steve, that’s very helpful.

We use this system and noone ever talks about splitting windows. You don’t need to get full windows cleaned and still save ladder moves.