2nd Career Choice


If you weren’t washing windows for your career, what do you think you would be doing now?

I would have enjoyed working as a DNR officer.

That was my planned path until I found how profitable washing could be.


At one point in my life I wanted to be a national forest or park ranger. I enjoy the outdoors which is one reason I love window cleaning.

We talk about moving out of the metropolitan area we live in to the mountains somewhere when our kids grow up and move out. We want a cabin in the woods.


I would work for UPS but only on Nantucket. It was the most fun I had at a job. Seasonal driver with great pay. Everyone pulling their weight and hustling to get their routes done.


Probably something to do with aircraft. I was in the USAF 4 years and ironically never step foot on a plane.


I was a framing carpenter for 12 years before I started washing windows. I loved it and would absolutely do it for the rest of my life, but it was a very hard way to make a living. Hard work, hard on your body, for low pay. Washing is much easier on my body and I make a lot better money. But if money was no object and my body could take it I would swing a hammer forever.


When my pensions show up I will be semi-retired and go back to designing games when I’m not working on my business. If I could afford to invest in the two games I have already designed I might be able to sell them to publishers.


More than likely a Chef , because I went to Culinary school before I went windows full time an permanent


I have always had an interest in writing.
Also, when I had more time and stamina I got very into building stone walls. Not sure if I could have made a living from that, but it would have been a blast.


I’d have another business. I love the business I’ve built but it isn’t because I have a crazy love for window cleaning. I wanted a business that had a strong recurring revenue stream with high margins so this fit the bill. Being a business owner is what I always wanted to do, I’m indifferent to the end product.


I really like window cleaning, so there isn’t much else I would rather do. It gives me a good deal of freedom, I usually enjoy the work, and it is profitable more that most other options. That said, I just started trading stocks and hope to become a day trader if it pans out. I really enjoy the research on companies that is usually needed to trade, and it’s something that I have been interested in since I was 11 or 12. I will find out in the next year or two if it will work out.


I would like to be a beach lifeguard in southern CA or HI. Love the ocean and the salt air and warm weather. I am sure it is not what the movies make it out to be but would love to give it a try.


Or own a beach cabana and umbrella business on the beach. Almost like passive income.


I worked as a manager for Walmart and the University of Arkansas and then was a teacher–> I’d go into medicine. Likely Physician Assistant, I would not want to spent 10 more years getting through everything.


I could not answer this question so here I am 15+ years later. Still can’t answer it


This should answer your question: