2017 huge convention dates?


Haha, hard to believe with all the great speakers there, but thank you for your kindness in saying that. I do hope to come this year though.


Will your speech be motivational?


I was just joking. I don’t know who is speaking at the convention this year.


I wish they wold hurry up and release the location.


Looking forward to attend for my first time


Tomorrow is the big day. I’m pretty excited


how about Denver Colorado. Smack middle of the country?


I like the sound of that! It would be about a 35-60 minute drive depending on traffic for me. I’m sure @Ericehlers, @RHG_Products, @Rich7428, @walkthruglass, and several others in the area would come to it.


I’d be down also.


Its Monday!


I’m curious as to who of the people so interested in when and where it is will actually be there.
No looky-loos!


I will be there


As long as i can drive in less than 12 hours


And as long as I can drive in less than 8.


As long as someone picks me up.


As long as I know when and where it is…


I’m in.


@Thad planning on going again. So what’s the news?


Chris said " Monday " he just didn’t say which Monday :joy::joy:.But planning on going


THC 2017 - Be there! - > http://thehugeconvention.com/