2012 dodge mini van


Does anyone know what is a good ladder rack for the make above. I have been looking for weeks now. I want to get this installed ASAP so I can buy some bigger ladders.

Thanks for any feedback.


Americanvan.com may have what you’re looking for


I had vantech on my 2008 caravan. This model was awesome.



Plus 1 on VanTech. I have the track based system on my xB. It’s pretty universal and easy to install.


Atomic punk Van Halen 1 ? Just curious !!!

BTW just bought my ladder racks off of American Van !


You got it!


Thought so :sunglasses:

Saw them 4 times

Diamond Dave saw solo 5 times


Thank you, I am looking into all options above.


Can anyone give any advice on the Thule 480r system, can you carry ladders on this rack. I can’t find a dame thing on them regarding ladders.