1st one star review


Over commenting, I know. But in the interest of adding to the all time read of this post, I think it’s a great topic; so I did some more research. Due to copyright laws, will not post quotes, but anyone can find what I did with a little work. Just want to say I found a major player window company with almost 150 reviews. Out of ALL those, there were about 4 devastating, critical reviews, meant to do damage. The owner never responded to ANY of those. So there they sit, 4 nasty reviews, unreplied to in the midst of great reviews. In context, the positive reviews say about the same thing, how great the company was to deal with. Are they all liars? Nope. Looks like four needles in a haystack. Anyone can see this is a great company to deal with. The End


If I can play devils advocate here for a minute:

If she’s a repeat customer, why not just charge what you charged before? I understand sometimes there’s a need to raise rates or adjust an estimate but when building a customer base and rapport, why not just give them exactly what they got before that had them come back?


she’s a repeat customer in that we did her windows once before 2 years ago. it’s a 28 minute drive to her house and frankly we WANT $150 to be our minimum. that said we do do a few homes for less but those are people who are in town, easy to do, and much more frequent service.