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Over commenting, I know. But in the interest of adding to the all time read of this post, I think it’s a great topic; so I did some more research. Due to copyright laws, will not post quotes, but anyone can find what I did with a little work. Just want to say I found a major player window company with almost 150 reviews. Out of ALL those, there were about 4 devastating, critical reviews, meant to do damage. The owner never responded to ANY of those. So there they sit, 4 nasty reviews, unreplied to in the midst of great reviews. In context, the positive reviews say about the same thing, how great the company was to deal with. Are they all liars? Nope. Looks like four needles in a haystack. Anyone can see this is a great company to deal with. The End


If I can play devils advocate here for a minute:

If she’s a repeat customer, why not just charge what you charged before? I understand sometimes there’s a need to raise rates or adjust an estimate but when building a customer base and rapport, why not just give them exactly what they got before that had them come back?


she’s a repeat customer in that we did her windows once before 2 years ago. it’s a 28 minute drive to her house and frankly we WANT $150 to be our minimum. that said we do do a few homes for less but those are people who are in town, easy to do, and much more frequent service.


Bump…Ben, so now you’re about a month out from the bad review. Do you have any input to offer in the way of comments from new customers? Do you now feel the bad review really hurt your business?
Just thought it would be a nice addition to this thread. Happy Trails…thanks for your thoughts.


Man , makes me think now. I have stop responding to my reviews , I probably shouldn’t of, but wonder if this to late to reply. I just felt it gets repetitive with your replies
Ugh !!! I Hope this isn’t a reflection on me.

Honestly I just got lazy prospective customers. :joy:

But I agree with what your saying. Enough good ones will drowned out the bad ones.


Yup. Here’s the thing…MANY W/C companies are on the y page. I love reading and studying reviews to sharpen my game. Example: I am always a little early and never late. Many whine about being late…funny when they were home anyway, not funny when they took off work to accommodate. I was just impressed with the major company I saw/found who did not respond to any negative review.


no one has mentioned it.

doesn’t seem too, we’re booked to thanksgiving.


Great. Thanks for a great, inspiring thread.


My reviews on yelp
7/5/2018 https://www.yelp.com/biz/alexanders-window-cleaning-pressure-washing-prescott

Philip Alexander is the window whisperer.

He’s been doing windows his entire life, and is a smart, clever inventor of the gear he uses, and which he sells to other window washers.

He showed up at our home and quietly went about his business, including windows that required a 30’ reach from the slope below. None of them were inaccessible to his brilliant poles, scrubbers and water injected gear.

Philip also noted 3 of our windows that had failed dual pane seals.

I was dazzled and he is definitely coming back!

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Sedona, AZ


This guy brings his own water Yours isn’t good enough. He has a Reverse Osmosis system on board his truck which is then further de-ionized to pure water. A surfactant is added to aid runoff and he goes to work.

And work he does. Windows and solar panels both. Outdoors, then indoors - including architectural mirrors, bathroom mirrors, glass block and shower doors.

We had him visit following repainting. The results were spectacular. We will have him revisit in the spring.

Was this review …?


I was more than pleased with the attention and expertise of this company.

Phil spent more time than expected here, offering a thorough and careful job I fully appreciated,

with a very fair price!

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Jeri D.


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Did a superb job on my two storied home. He was not pleased with some of the old water streaking which had built up over the years and came back with a different soap/chemical and rewashed them. I was pleased the first time and really impressed the second time at no additional


why did you post these?


Because we never had many 1 star reviews @

1st one star review


so are you bragging?


No just like the 5 star reviews that we try very hard to get.


You’re right! I had a one star on the BBB for some knucklehead saying that I had a chamber of commerce logo on my site and wasn’t a member. Thats why I got the bad review. Thing is, it wasn’t even true.

I sent the BBB an email and asked them if that was even fair since the review wasn’t even about services at all and they said they’d remove it right away. Took only one day.

If its on google, flag it for removal. If its on Yelp, send them an email and flag it if you can.
Or keep it, but I’d write a much shorter response I think.