12v delivery pump plugged into 12v car jack?


Would it work?


Depends on the pump. A little 1.8 or 2 gpm pump draws 6 or 7 amps typically. So a 10amp accessory circuit works fine. A fatboy pulls a lot more power, and would require a dedicated circuit with larger wiring.

You do have to consider that car batteries aren’t well suited for the purpose of drawing on them like that. That’s why I have a deep cycle marine battery installed in the place of my starting battery.


If i have a dedicated battery for my wfp delivery, how is it getting recharged?


Not sure I follow completely.

For my setup, I literally pulled the starting battery out from under my hood, and dropped a deep cycle marine battery in its place. Hooked it up the electrical system as usual. Then connected my pump to an available 10 amp circuit

So the battery charges off the alternator. If I were using the pump all day, every day, I would probably need to use my battery charger overnight at home.


Ok gotcha. My question was confusing.


I hadn’t considered that… Any thoughts on how a deep cycle preforms in winter conditions. I guess a person could just switch out in winter .


Cranks over easy. My battery is considerably oversized, though. Really had to squeeze it in there :smirk:


A car battery is designed with hig cranking amps so it can have a burst of amps to turn the motor over to start. With a delivery pump you want a battery that has a long lasting amp hours so it can run all day. If you have a battery plus store in your town they offer several high amp life batteries to select from.


This is what I have under my hood. Far exceeds the cranking amps this little 4 cylinder calls for.

It was around $100 at walmart. Last one I got 3 seasons out of. But I’m happy if I get two seasons with a battery. I know that this was not the intended purpose for deep cycles, and it can shorten their life expectancy.