100 Products!


This is just the beginning. In about a year I can easily come up with a hundred different products. Most of these will totally trash any commercial product out there. There are SO many non commercial/custom products that can be developed. Because commercial products are SO limited. In SO many different ways.

You will see.



Bring it on Henry. Just be sure to have simple instructions for us, some kind of video training, and make it easy for us to get the ingredients.


Has anything ever been sold?

Is the plan to sell any of them or are they just hobbies to develop?


Henry, do you sell SKRUB? If so, how can I get it?


Hoosier; Will do. Instructions are very important. And I am going to work with the video guys from a distance. Ingredients can be difficult at times. I will try to get as many of you samples direct from the manufacturers. Of course this will stop our manufacturers cold because the secrets will be out. Although I did see that JRC is selling a walnut based circular pad for removing stuff. So they have taken my idea about compositional abrasives that I wrote about in the American Window Cleaner.

jhans; I did sell SKRUB, and some soaps/additives. But that is all. These formulas I have developed have come from my own thinking and love of tinkering. So yes it is just a hobby. One that I have tried for many years to develop into an actual business but have never been able to do much with it. The most money I have ever made with it has been through real on site consulting jobs examining problem buildings. Stains, scratches, etching, etc. I have made some really good money checking out the damage done by these liquid acid so called “professional” hard water stain removers.

Dan; I still do have about 20 little 8 ounce bottles of this “product”. If you want one, I will send it to you for 20 bux. I have a PayPal account. Just send me your email and shipping address. But I will post the formula on this forum right here and now. Just want to remind everyone that this is one of the very best hard water stain removers being sold commercially. But it has multiple uses other than this. I think at this point I am just going to treat this as a hobby. There are more important things I need to be focusing on. Any time you would like to talk with me privately about any of this stuff just send me an email and we can always talk on the phone. I would love to meet you some day if only on the phone.



Making it easy to get the ingredients or at least some of them can be tricky. I was thinking today about buying certain ingredients in bulk. Then selling them in much smaller quantities to anyone that wanted them. But selling at no profit. I would sell whatever quantity someone wanted. I would however sell at whatever price I paid including a percent to cover my shipping. Then I would include shipping to the window cleaner. And tack on only 20 bux for my time. The 20 bux would be a standard cost no matter what the quantity was.



I don’t have a problem with you or someone else making money. I just have a problem with someone making the stuff so expensive or so hard to deal with, it’s not worth the time and effort to me.

I’ve already got VG on hand (I vape and make my own juice). I just need a couple of pounds of the silica.
I’d like a quart of the slip/sud chem you spoke about.


Have you tried contacting the people at bulk apothecary to see if they’re interested in adding more products to their inventory? Seems like that’d be a simpler solution.

Otherwise, if you know you’ve got the demand for a particular ingredient, then your idea sounds good.


That is a very very good idea Alex! I will give them a call and look into it.



Hi James,

Please contact me by email with your info. If you send me your shipping address I could pass that along to the people I am working with at Siltech and have them send you their largest sample. That wouldn’t cost you a dime. Then I could pack up a couple pounds of the Glassite that I have left over and price it. Then let you know what the total is on it. I have a PayPal account we can use.