000 or 0000 wool


Wondering the consensus of using 000 steel wool on glass. I’ve been using 0000 since I saw a vid by @Luke. Sometimes the spotting is stubborn - wondering if 000 would be too harsh. Thoughts?

And speaking of Luke - any sightings lately? Haven’t heard a word from him in quite some time.


it is too harsh. 0000 can scratch it too sometimes. just use it wet…but bronze wool is better


I kinda suspected that. Personally I like the bronze pads the best. Wish someone made bronze sleeves.
Thanks much.


They do. Just don’t know who does it tho. Had a guy who worked for me that had one with button snaps like on the old levi’s that went around a small scrubber.

That thing stayed in the bucket for hours without a single rusty leak! Pretty cool.


I’ve used 000 on house windows and noticed light scratches after. Depends on the glass and its always good to test a very small spot. Stick with 0000 and if anything like said before bronze wool is the best. I still use steel wool though its trash after half a day of using it.


Try having one of your guys after a long day leave one or two in your bucket. Man, a few times I didn’t notice it until taking them outta the drier cuz they stick like glue to those microfibers and then those microfibers are DONE.

Or on a CCU I’ve come in the morning to find new sidewalk slabs with rust marks because these doinks wouldn’t put the wet steel wool 3 inch’s to make inside the trash bag!

Oxalic acid to the rescue.


It doesn’t scrub as well as steel wool and costs like 3 times as much. I don’t think it’s the best for those reasons. :sunglasses:


no problems with either scratching in normal use, but pressing hard on dry glass on something slightly abrasive yes.

I find the 000 better cause it’s ‘faster’ and a little more helpfully grabby

sure they last a half day, but they’re cheap and have bags of them

second most used ‘tool’ on the belt for sure


Damp microfiber doesn’t scratch glass. And it’s awesome.


I remember you mentioning that a while back on the forum. I will have to try that one day.


It works great Chad!


Thanks Steve. I will try it


I learned that trick from Caleb.

Use it damp not wet. It work best that way.


Doesn’t work on harder stains that’s the problem. I use them a lot at my
stores and restaurants tho. It’s getting to the point that i rarely use a
razor for much if anything.


Mine will take off butyl but I’m mainly interested in it taking off fingerprints and orange chicken sauce.


I am in favor of the patch test. And the waiver/educational bulletins. After reviewing the research that Penn State has produced for the IWCA “Glass Education Committee” I realize that their are many contributing conditions to why glass scratches. Can’t know it all, all the time.



you can use your tongue for this


My scrubbing tools:

  1. fingernail
  2. white pad
  3. blue pad
  4. bronze wool pad
  5. scraper

I don’t use 0000 steel wool for the simple reason it turns into a pile of rust.